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"A Rainbow in Beige Boots" is the third episode of the fourth season and 27th overall episode of Killing Eve.


Rejected by Eve, Villanelle seeks help elsewhere. Eve uncovers a name of The Twelve's top tier whilst Carolyn discovers promising intel of her own.


Villanelle returns to London after her double murder and breaks into Eve's hotel room. Eve, having returned from Paris, finds her there and rejects her calls for help, but allows her to stay in the room. Eve leaves to track down Hélène's car to a parking garage where she runs into a disgruntled ex-girlfriend of Hélène. Eve invites her for drinks in an attempt to get information on Hélène's target and learns she was married to a man in Cuba before her relationship with Hélène.

Eve believes this man could be Hélène's target. Hélène meets with Pam, an assassin-in-training who expresses a wish to start working to escape her abusive family. After hesitation, Hélène agrees and assigns Konstantin as her handler.

Using Eve's tablet, Villanelle arranges a meeting with Eve's psychiatrist friend Martin and holds him hostage at his home, forcing him to give her therapy. Martin tells her that her psychopathic tendencies were learned, and can possibly be unlearned.

Eve returns to her hotel room and finds out Villanelle went after Martin. She meets Villanelle at Martin's home, shortly followed by armed police requested by Eve, who arrest and imprison Villanelle. Before the arrest, they mention the scorpion and frog fable, and Villanelle wonders if perhaps it's Eve the one who ends up stinging people close to her.



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