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Agniya is a prisoner Villanelle met while in a Russian prison


Early Life[]

Agniya ended up in prison as a result of her spontaneous violent outbursts.

Meeting Villanelle[]

Agniya was made to unclog drains in the prison restroom alongside Villanelle. Later, she walked around the prison yard with Villanelle, who talked her into starting a fake fight in order to land her in the medical bay.

In the cafeteria queue, Agniya kept irritating Villanelle and stole her shiv. When they reached the front of the line, Villanelle attacked Agniya to get it back and stab Nadia, who was serving meals at the counter. Villanelle grabbed a hold of Agniya and drove her hand holding the shiv into two guards and Nadia to frame her. Agniya was quickly subdued.


Agniya and Villanelle were riding in the back of a prison van to stand trial. Suddenly, the drivers were killed and a bomb exploded, freeing the prisoners. A man on a motorcycle arrived to help Villanelle make a quick getaway. She told Agniya that she is free but Agniya replied she "would rather die than be free," so the remaining guard shot her in the head.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She had cancer and was only allowed to see the prison doctor once.


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