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Anna Leonova (née Aanmokoba) was a Russian teacher who taught Oksana languages and became her lover.



In the mid 1990s, Anna taught English, French, and German at a university in Moscow. Her latest student, Oksana, was a juvenile delinquent who repelled her peers, earning her Anna's sympathy. She gave Oksana extra lessons to sate her attention-seeking tendencies, and gradually their relationship transcended student-teacher and became romantic. They cycled together and Oksana bought her extravagant gifts of clothes and perfume.

However, Oksana hated Anna's husband, Max, and accused her of only liking him for his penis. In a final bid to become her main romantic partner, Oksana decorated Anna's apartment with balloons, killed Max, and castrated him. Oksana was imprisoned for murder and Konstantin informed Anna that she died in prison. A month after the fact, Anna received a bag in the mail containing an expensive French coat.

Villanelle's Therapy Session[]

Konstantin hired Jerome to perform a psych-eval on Villanelle. He tested her response to a series of violent photographs, which she aced. Then, he asked if she still dreamt about "Anna" while brandishing a faceless, curly-haired portrait, which shocked her to silence. Villanelle denied it was a picture of Anna, prompting Jerome to declare her mentally unfit.

Villanelle's Trip to Russia[]

Konstantin suggested Villanelle visit Nadia in Russia, and she expressed concern about running into Anna.

Eve, Konstantin, and Carolyn questioned Nadia, bribing her with the promise of extradition to the UK. Nadia suggested that they talk to a woman named Anna, before Konstantin, not wanting to expose Oksana's former lover, intimidated her into silence. Kenny discovered that Anna was the wife of a man Oksana killed and castrated six years prior.

Eve's Visit[]

Eve tracked Anna to her university, where she then invited Eve into her home. Anna revealed her and Oksana's past affair through a number of letters, photographs, and the mysterious French coat. Sewn into the lining of the coat, Eve found a passport for "Marta Poslovina" bearing Oksana's picture, credit cards, and money. Eve nabbed the passport before returning the coat. As Eve went to leave, she asked Anna if she ever had sex with Oksana. Anna replied, no, and slammed the door shut.

Villanelle's Visit and Death[]

Oksana kidnapped Constantin's daughter, Irina, and used her to bait Anna into allowing her access to the apartment. While Anna was distracted with Irina, Oksana snuck into her bedroom, removed the coat, and discovered a note from Eve, reading "Sorry Baby X". Suddenly, Anna appeared the doorway. Oksana pulled a gun on her but Anna talked her down by offering to tend her wounds.

Meanwhile, Konstantin drove Eve to Anna's apartment.

Oksana noted how Anna's apartment hasn't changed since Max died. She revealed to Irina that she and Anna had sex. Anna turned around, brandishing a gun, prompting Oksana to reveal her own gun. Rather than be murdered, Anna killed herself. Oksana, visibly remorseful, stole her phone and wallet.



Anna was married to a man named Maxi Leonova who Villanelle castrated out of jealousy. At the same time, she had sexual relations with Oksana.


Anna bonded with Eve over their shared trouble with Oksana in the short time she conducted her interview.