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"Are You Leading or Am I?" is the eight episode and season finale of the third season and 24th overall episode of Killing Eve.


Konstantin tries to run for it. Carolyn might have finally found what she's looking for. Eve and Villanelle try to work out what the future holds for them.


Royal Albert Hall, London

Villanelle meets with Carolyn in the Royal Albert Hall while a classical concert is going on. Villanelle wants to accept Carolyn's job offer. Carolyn inquires about Hélène. Villanelle mentions her promotion and claims everyone at the Twelve is pleased with her, but she is looking for a new challenge. Villanelle clarifies she does not want to kill for MI6. Carolyn asks who killed Mo and her son. Villanelle doesn't know. Carolyn says Villanelle is trained to do one thing only and if she is not willing to do that, she doesn't see how Villanelle can be of value to her. Carolyn goes back to her seat to enjoy the rest of the concert.

Konstantin asks the doctor to be discharged but she just walks out. As soon as she's gone, he gets out of bed.

Konstantin finds Dasha in her bed. He wanted to say goodbye. She mentions his being a naughty boy but claims she has not heard anything. As he walks off, she asks if he is going to find Villanelle, who did this to her together with that Polastri woman. Konstantin points out she can't be surprised after she tried to kill Villanelle. Dasha counters that that was years ago, when she wanted to show the Twelve that Villanelle was not ready. Konstantin says Villanelle was ready, Dasha just should not have expected for Villanelle to play by her rules. Dasha thinks the West has turned Konstantin into a loser. He has infected Villanelle with his lack of ambition. She begs Konstantin not to leave and extends her hand. He holds it as he tells her to give up on Mother Russia. She is going to die in this room. Dasha asks why he didn't do anything if he didn't like the way she treated Villanelle. She claims they are both to blame. As Konstantin walks out, she succumbs to her injuries.

Eve meets Villanelle in a dance hall. After some small talk, Eve sits down. Villanelle tells Eve this is where she committed her first murder in the United Kingdom. She asks Eve what she would have become if she had turned down that job. Eve smiles and says it would have saved her a lot of heartache. Eve brings up what Dasha did to Niko but Villanelle isn't listening. She asks Eve if she thinks about the past. Eve says it is all she does. They watch the dancing couples. Villanelle says they seem happy and carefree. She wants to feel like that. Eve asks her what happened but the dance hall captain invites them to come dance. Eve takes initiative and invites Villanelle to try new things. They get on the dance floor and start dancing clumsily. They both enjoy the moment. Villanelle points out an older couple and asks Eve if she wants to be like that. Eve says not anymore. She thinks she and Villanelle would consume each other before they ever got that old. Villanelle thinks it sounds nice. She says she has killed so many people. Eve shushes her and says she knows. Villanelle then sees Rhian walk in and tell Eve to go. She hands her a piece of paper, which she says means freedom, and sends Eve away. A confused Eve grabs her coat and leaves. Rhian comes up and tells Villanelle that Hélène wants to see her. Villanelle pulls her into a dance move and asks her where Hélène wants to meet. Rhian leads the way.

As Rhian and Villanelle wait for the train, Villanelle asks to talk about her outfit, which is all black. Rhian wants to be comfortable. She was trained to wear clothes that allow a full range of motion. Villanelle points out it's funny how they are two ruthless killers who just blindly follow orders. She starts jumping up and down. Rhian tells her sheep are happier than wolves. Villanelle scoffs. Rhian prefers to take her job seriously. Villanelle starts tickling her to make her laugh. As the train arrives, Rhian shoves her into the wall. She doesn't mind Villanelle's current crisis as it will allow for her to take Villanelle's place sooner. All she wants is for Villanelle to come with her quietly now. Villanelle apologizes in advance and beats her up. She briefly strangles her. As soon as she lets go, Rhian backs away from her and says she's sorry. Villanelle kicks her onto the track. Rhian begs for help as the next train approaches but Villanelle just watches her die.

Villanelle walks out of the train station with a determined look.

At home, Geraldine is reading a self-written letter to Carolyn describing all the things she wishes she had ever said to her mother. When it's Carolyn's turn, she simply tells Geraldine it is time for her to leave. Geraldine asks what this is all about. She suggests it is about Konstantin using her or Mo's death, or maybe not having found out who killed Kenny while it seems very likely he killed himself because he was deeply unhappy. Carolyn denies it is about any of those. Things are simply coming to a head. Carolyn stresses that her daughter is no longer welcome.

Croydon, South London

Eve arrives at a shopping arcade. The note from Villanelle leads her to Bridgeway Bets and has "Bruce £100. D38 50 x 2" written on it. Eve enters the betting shop and tries to place a £100 bet on Bruce. The employee has no idea what she is talking about. Neither does Eve, who unsuccessfully tries to bribe her. Eve looks around and sees "Bruce Fletcher" written on a photograph hanging on the wall. Sharon tells Eve that is the owner, who lives upstairs. Sharon calls Bruce to let him know there is a woman here to see him. Eve makes up a fake name based on the names of horses currently competing in a race. Eve says she came to make a collection.

Eve enters Bruce's apartment. She hands him the note. He knows she came for the Russian's box. He knows Konstantin did not send Eve. However, since she has the code, he can't stop her from opening the box. Eve opens the box and retrieves the package inside.

Carolyn arrives at the Bitter Pill office. She was called in for an urgent meeting. Audrey offers to make her some tea. The team called her over to show her something. The team explain they made a breakthrough. Bear explains that someone was stealing his Fangtastics, so he set up a camera. He only recently checked the footage, which shows Kenny stealing his candy and later Kenny leaving the office with Konstantin on the day that he died.

Konstantin arrives as Eve leaves the betting shop. He came to collect his package. He asks Eve to give it to him. Eve refuses to hand it over as Villanelle asked her to get it. Konstantin says it is a gift for his daughter. Eve looks inside and sees it's a set of Russian politicians stacking dolls. Eve knows it is more valuable than he claims it is. She demands to know what it is. He confesses it has a barcode on it that opens another safety box that contains money and passports. Konstantin clenches his chest again. Eve leads him to sit down.

Villanelle arrives at the Bitter Pill office. She claims she has a meeting with Eve. Audrey says Eve is not here. Villanelle looks around the office and sees their work on the murders. She points one out and says that wasn't her. Audrey goes to inform Jamie and Bear that Villanelle is here. The team is scared of her. Bear wonders what she does with the penises. Villanelle watches them as they cautiously approach her. She receives a call from Konstantin.

Konstantin asks Villanelle to tell Eve to give him his package. Villanelle shouts at Eve that she is at her work, where she finds everybody really strange. Konstantin asks why she got Eve involved. Villanelle says she had no choice when he had his heart attack. She refuses to tell Eve to give him the package so that he can't leave without her. Konstantin plays the bad health card and tells Villanelle to meet them now. As he hangs up, Eve correctly guesses that Villanelle is having her hang onto the package for now.

As she eats some more Fangtastics, Villanelle gets close to the team and tells Bear she pickles the good penises. She won't say what she does to the bad ones. She shouts that it has been great. She thanks them for the great time and leaves.

Konstantin struggles with his phone. Eve helps him out. Konstantin answers a call from Paul, who knows Konstantin is the one who has been stealing money from the account. Konstantin asks what he wants. Held at gunpoint, Paul orders him to meet at his house in half an hour. Konstantin tells Eve he has to go. She decides to go with him. Konstantin tells Eve she doesn't know what is good for her. Eve asks about the call but he refuses to be questioned.

Konstantin and Eve arrive at Paul's house. Eve is surprised to see Carolyn there with a gun in her hand. Carolyn is not surprised that Eve is there to help Villanelle. The buzzer rings. Eve lets Villanelle in. Paul claims that he knows Konstantin from working undercover. Carolyn makes Konstantin sit down next to Paul. Villanelle enters the room. Konstantin says Paul is the one who has been giving the orders. Konstantin doubts that Carolyn even knows how to use the gun. She proves that she does by shooting the head of a bust. Eve and Villanelle are confused about what is going on. Carolyn has them sit down. Konstantin says that Carolyn knows he has been working for the Twelve, FSB and the British Security Office all at the same time. Paul says that is why they have been investigating him. Konstantin says Paul is working for the Twelve. Villanelle asks if he knows Hélène and Eve asks if he ordered Dasha to kill her husband. Paul denies knowing these people and working for the Twelve. Konstantin adds that Dasha is dead, which surprises Eve and Villanelle. Carolyn shuts them all up and says this is about justice. She asks Konstantin why he killed her son, revealing that she saw him on the footage. Carolyn is very close to pulling the trigger. Konstantin says he was there because of Paul. Kenny was getting too close to the Twelve so Konstantin tried to recruit him in order to keep him safe. Konstantin claims Kenny got scared and he kept stepping back, inadvertently stepping over the edge. Carolyn does not believe him. Konstantin says he wouldn't do that to someone he-- Carolyn stops him from saying "loved." Konstantin insists it's true. Carolyn forces Konstantin to get on his knees, intriguing Villanelle. Before doing so, Konstantin tells Carolyn he loves her. She does not buy it. Eve wants to stop Carolyn but Villanelle hushes her. Konstantin wonders why she is not doing this to Paul. Carolyn does not care about him whereas she used to care for Konstantin. She presses the gun against Konstantin's forehead. He begs for his life, even going as far as imploring Villanelle to do something. Villanelle just sits back and watches. Carolyn then shoots Paul in the head. She then tells Konstantin to go before she changes her mind. He gets up and grabs his package. He asks Villanelle if she is coming. She says no because he is not family. Once Konstantin is gone, Eve yells at Carolyn for killing Paul, who had information about the Twelve. Carolyn says he is a traitor, having Mo killed for finding evidence. Eve maintains that Paul could have been a source for them and adds that it was Konstantin who killed Kenny. Carolyn says she herself is responsible for Kenny's death. Eve disagrees. Kenny was killed trying to expose the Twelve. Carolyn has come to realize the Twelve cannot be taken down. Villanelle agrees. Carolyn suggests Eve go cold turkey. Eve asks what she means by that. Carolyn looks at Villanelle and tells Eve she knows exactly what she means. Villanelle understands, too. Eve grabs her bag and rushes out. Villanelle follows Eve while Carolyn cleans the gun and calls Hugh for a clean-up.

Villanelle runs after Eve out in the streets.

Villanelle finds Eve on Tower Bridge. Eve tells her about what she did to Dasha. Villanelle says they both killed her, then. She says it is kind of romantic. Eve says only them would find that romantic. Villanelle says she is done being an assassin. Eve wonders what has happened to them. She used to be a normal person. Villanelle tells Eve she only thought she was like that. Eve says he had a life, a husband, and a house. Villanelle asks if she still wants that. Eve admits that she only sees Villanelle's face when she thinks about her future. Villanelle asks if she ruined Eve's life, if she's a monster. Eve tells her she is many things. She says everyone has a monster inside them. Most people just succeed at hiding it. Villanelle thinks her monster encourages Eve's. Eve thinks she wants that to happen. Eve asks Villanelle to help her make it stop. Villanelle says it is not difficult to do that. She has Eve turn around so they stand back to back. Villanelle then tells Eve to walk and never look back. Villanelle starts walking. Eve takes a moment before walking off, too. The two of them pause at the same time. Eve is the first to turn around. Villanelle turns around with a sly smile.



Guest Starring[]

  • Kate Bracken as Dr. Greer Barrie
  • Jack Reid as Dance Hall Captain
  • Alexandra Roach as Rhian
  • Karina Fernandez as Sharon
  • Jack Chissick as Bruce Fletcher
  • Ayoola Smart as Audrey

Murders and Investigations[]


Song Performer Scene
"Symphony No.9 in D major/4. Adagio-sehr langsam" Gustav Mahler, London Symphony Orchestra with conductor Leopold Ludwig
  • Villanelle and Carolyn meet at Royal Albert Hall.
"Within My Heart" Jack Shaindlin
  • Konstantin leaves a dying Dasha.
"Get Out of Town" Fireflies
  • Villanelle walks away after killing Rhian.
"After Dinner" Unloved
  • Villanelle goes to the Bitter Pill office.
"Bill" Unloved
  • Carolyn contemplates shooting Konstantin.
"Tell Me" Johnny Jewel feat. Saoirse Ronan
  • Villanelle tells Eve to walk away from her and never look back.
  • As they walk off, Eve and then Villanelle turn around.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • It's the first season finale not to end with Villanelle or Eve's life in jeopardy.


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