Audrey is the receptionist at the Bitter Pill office. She had a relationship with Kenny Stowton until his death.


Early LifeEdit

Her mother told her she was brilliant at everything she tried, even when she wasn't. This led to her trying to become an artist for four years with no actual talent.

Working with KennyEdit

Some time after he joined the Bitter Pill team, Audrey and Kenny began seeing each other. They tried to keep things casual at the office. They politely greeted one another when they ran into each other in the office kitchen.

Kenny's DeathEdit

Audrey attended Kenny's funeral, where she met Carolyn for the first time.

Carolyn later met with her to ascertain that Kenny had been happy before his death. Audrey told her he was happy with his life and new job, though he had admitted to missing Carolyn, the only person who properly kicked his ass. Carolyn admitted she could be hard on him, which Audrey told her was a not a bad thing. Carolyn told her not to be embarrassed about her grief and left.

Eve's InvestigationEdit

Audrey kept working at Bitter Pill when Eve joined the team to continue the investigation into the Twelve. She witnessed a disheveled Eve entering the office but Eve refused to talk about what had happened to her.




She was in a relationship with Kenny Stowton.





Audrey is the receptionist at Bitter Pill.

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