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"Beautiful Monster" is the seventh episode of the third season and 23rd overall episode of Killing Eve.


Carolyn is frustrated with the lack of progress in the investigation. Meanwhile, Eve is focused on Villanelle and finds a clue to her whereabouts. Villanelle and Dasha work together on a kill. The pressure is getting to Konstantin.


Villanelle is waiting in a hallway decorated with medieval weaponry. She stares at a harness, which she feels is staring at her. Hélène comes to get her for their meeting. They enter a banquet hall showing similar decorations. Hélène introduces her to Rhian. Villanelle tells Hélène she's figuring out how to kill her with the weaponry on the wall. Hélène thought killing wasn't her thing anymore. She makes Villanelle sit down and asks her to show her the injury. Villanelle just points at her upper arm. Hélène touches her arm, which makes Villanelle wince. Hélène hugs her tightly. She loves Villanelle because she is an agent of chaos. Chaos disrupts, it rips apart, and starts again, like a forest fire. It's monstrous but beautiful. She kisses Villanelle on the head. Villanelle gets teary-eyed. Hélène calls her a beautiful monster. Monstrous people often feel like they have to fly solo, keeping their feelings and thoughts bottled up inside. That can affect their ability to be truly monstrous. Hélène asks Villanelle if something happen to her recently. Villanelle brings up her mother but, instead of the truth, says she took a big shit in her shoe when she was three. Hélène and Rhian go to leave. Villanelle asks for another job. Hélène says success is essential, or else she could just send Rhian. Villanelle agrees to take Dasha and then thanks Hélène for the inappropriate touching. Hélène tells Villanelle she wouldn't be able to kill her first. She says Villanelle is a child who has no idea who she is dealing with. Villanelle calls her sexy. Hélène and Rhian then leave.

At a restaurant, Mo shows Carolyn the results of his spying on Paul. Nothing suggests Paul is working for the Twelve. Carolyn takes away Mo's omelette because he hasn't worked hard enough to expose the evidence that undoubtedly exists. She dismisses him. He knows she is upset about Kenny but he is not sure that Paul is a working for the Twelve. Carolyn is convinced that Paul is just pretending to be living a normal life, because the Chablis he bought is undrinkable. Once he is gone, Eve sits down with Carolyn, who offers her the omelette. She tells Carolyn that Villanelle has been promoted according to Dasha. Carolyn takes the omelette away. Eve says Villanelle is their best chance of getting to the Twelve. Carolyn is tired of Eve's focus on Villanelle but Eve says Carolyn and Villanelle have their own thing going. She asks about their conversation in prison. Carolyn says she offered Villanelle a job and she refused. Carolyn refuses to have her investigation derailed by Eve's Messiah complex. Eve points out she is not the only one with a Messiah complex. She asks Carolyn why they started all this. It is not just a regular intelligence operation anymore. Too much has happened. Carolyn tells Eve to remember that heroes only get the girl in Hollywood and leaves.

Detention Centre, Moscow

A psychiatrist wraps up his conversation with Irina and meets Konstantin outside the room. The psychiatrist says Irina is bright but manipulative and calculating, almost entirely lacking in empathy. When he asked Irina about the accident, she told him she wished she had reversed the car back over her stepfather's body. Konstantin offers the man money to let Irina go but he refuses. He wants Konstantin to take Irina's symptoms seriously. Konstantin says he does. The psychiatrist insists he can't just let Irina go. Konstantin yells that they have a holiday booked. He then clenches his chest for a brief moment before walking in to meet Irina.

Bear finds Eve digging around a container outside the office building. She is looking for the box that her birthday cake came in. She wants to see which bakery it was ordered from. She soon finds the box and tells Bear that Villanelle sent her that cake.

Bear and Eve enter the office and find that is has been raided. Jamie says the police raided it, mentioning something about the Official Secrets act and obtaining illegal data. Bear fears he is out of a job. Jamie is not sure what it means yet. He needs a moment to process. Eve says they got work to do. Bear takes out his laptop and googles the bakery.

Konstantin sits down with Irina, who loves the place. She was given a shank made out of a toothbrush. Konstantin urges her to keep a low profile. Irina tells Konstantin he is overacting to bring across his message. Konstantin tells Irina he is leaving her here. She thinks he is trying to scare her, like standard parent crap. Konstantin yells that she has been stupid, which has ruined his plans. He is leaving her for a couple of days. He has to go back to London and show his face. She thinks he is lying. He tells her he is under a lot of pressure and some of the balls he is juggling are bound to drop. He tells her he is coming back in two days.

Eve is on the phone with the bakery. She is trying to convince them to tell her who ordered the cake. She hangs up when Bear informs her he has hacked into their system, revealing a list of the telephone orders made in the days before the cake arrived. One of the calls came from Barcelona. Eve asks Bear to look into the transactions made by the card tied to the order. Bear finds that the card was used 20 minutes ago in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen, Scotland

Villanelle and Dasha are checking in at a hotel in Aberdeen. Conflicting answers to the receptionist's friendly questions prompt Villanelle to say that her mother here has dementia.

On the elevator, Dasha tells Villanelle she has not won just because she made her promotion. Dasha says she has won. She has done everything they asked her to do ever since they first dumped Villanelle on her. She gets to go home now. Villanelle tells Dasha that only indifference is waiting for her in Russia. It is not the country that Dasha knows anymore. It has vegans now. Dasha says she has a son waiting for her. She will die with her feet up and her hand held, whereas Villanelle has destroyed her home, so she is going to die alone. Villanelle asks Dasha if her son has her halitosis. They get off the elevator.

Konstantin comes home and finds Geraldine waiting for him. She has prepared dinner for him as a surprise. She got a key from the neighbor. Konstantin compliments her looks. Geraldine brought steak and wine to have a proper dinner with him but now she is thinking she should go. Geraldine says she wanted to get away from Carolyn, who has been extra difficult lately because she is on the brink of discovering something big. Geraldine goes to leave but Konstantin stops her. That is all the proof she needs to know that Konstantin was playing her, like Carolyn said. Konstantin admits he is planning to disappear into the ether though it's not personal. Geraldine finally allows herself to go on a rant. She calls him out for taking advantage of her grief. Konstantin admits he is a shit. He used Geraldine to spy on her mother. She hopes he dies, which he says is very possible.

Dasha and Villanelle are playing golf. She is going to miss killing people. They hear their target, an American, cheering in the distance. Dasha has killed so many Americans during the Cold War. Villanelle is willing to let Dasha kill the man, like a retirement present. Dasha thinks Villanelle is afraid she won't be able to kill again. Dasha is glad that they have agreed to send her home before the Twelve realize they have promoted a dud. Villanelle tells her to get out of the way so she can golf. The ball ends up in the woods, as intended.

Eve is being driven to the hotel. The taxi driver keeps talking about crime tours in London. Eve calls Bear to verify that she is on the way to the right place. Bear is positive.

Villanelle and Dasha stop the American's golf cart as it passes by. Villanelle asks Rokes to help them find her ball as she and her mother don't want to go into the woods alone. Villanelle quietly tells Dasha this kill is hers. Rokes says some girls wouldn't ask a man for help these days. Villanelle says she was brought up in a family where men were men and women liked their men to be men. He makes a sexist joke. They start looking for the ball. Villanelle secretly throws a ball into a patch of ferns. As Rokes ducks to get it, Villanelle raises her club but she can't bring herself to hit him. Instead, she hits Dasha in the head. Rokes shudders. Villanelle orders him to run. He crawls off and pulls up his pants before running off.

The driver tells Eve he doesn't like London. He feels safer here. Rokes runs onto the road in front of the car. Rokes gets in and says there was a crazy woman. Eve demands a description. Rokes says it was a beautiful woman who hit her mother in the head with a golf club. Eve demands to know where that happened. He says it happened at the sixteenth hole. Eve then throws him out and orders the driver to take her there.

Somewhere Nearby

Somewhere nearby, Konstantin picks up Villanelle. He was supposed to be there hours ago. He says he doesn't want to talk about it. They drive off to go get his money.

Eve finds Dasha, who is still alive. She asks Dasha where Villanelle is. Dasha tells her Niko has a lovely moustache, like Stalin. Eve then puts her foot on Dasha's chest and slowly puts weight on it. Dasha's ribs begin to crack under the weight. Eve stops when she hears a police siren and runs off.

While walking in a park, Mo leaves Carolyn a voicemail, telling her about a link he found between Paul and The Twelve. Rhian gets up from a bench and follows him.

At the train station, Konstantin tells Villanelle that everyone wants to kill him. She is tired of his talking. Konstantin is starting to doubt his move to Cuba. Wherever he goes, someone wants to murder him. He thinks he deserves it. Villanelle agrees, which is why he should get murdered in a cute Havana shirt. He then halts and clenches his chest. Villanelle thinks he is faking it but he drops to the floor. She asks him where the money is. He tells her to look in his pocket. She finds a note. He says he doesn't want to die. Villanelle really doesn't want him to die either, though she is afraid he might. She leaves him and boards the train. Moments later, Eve comes running onto the platform. She kneels by Konstantin's head. A passerby has already called an ambulance. Eve asks Konstantin where Villanelle is. He gestures at the train. Eve starts running. She sees Villanelle, who briefly waves at her before the train pulls out of the station. Eve stares after.

Mo's lifeless body is submerged in the river at the park.

Carolyn comes home and tell Geraldine she is ordering takeaway for them. Geraldine is surprised that she is ordering takeaway. Carolyn says they are celebrating because she was right about a weasel being a weasel. She goes upstairs to run a bath while she waits for the food. As she is going upstairs, she receives a call from work.

Geraldine finds Carolyn lying on the couch. The bath was overflowing. Geraldine thinks Carolyn is not okay. Carolyn downplays it as just some disappointing news. Geraldine asks about the news. Carolyn says she can't talk about it as his family has not been informed yet, which leads to Geraldine realizing someone died. Carolyn says it was someone on the job, someone who was fully briefed about the risks, unlike Kenny. She then reveals it was Mo. Carolyn admits it is starting to feel personal. Geraldine wonders how she can be so bloody calm. She calls her mother an emotional iceberg. Geraldine goes to hug her but Carolyn ducks. Geraldine tells Carolyn it is not healthy to refuse to feel things for the rest of her life. She thinks Carolyn has to find a way to express herself. Carolyn then destroys the room in a sudden outburst of rage.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Konstantin that they have put in a stent. As she brings up lifestyle changes, she asks if he has been under a great amount of stress lately. He laughs. The woman in the bed next to his starts laughing, too. He leans forward and sees Dasha.

Liverpool Street Station

Still at the Liverpool Street Station, Eve receives a call from Villanelle. Villanelle tells her they have to stop running into each other like that as it is not good for either of them. Eve faintly smiles.



Guest Starring[]

  • Alexandra Roach as Rhian
  • Oleg Mirochnikov as Detention Centre Psychiatrist
  • Yuli Lagodinsky as Irina Vasilieva
  • Hiftu Quasem as Hotel Receptionist
  • Sam Douglas as American Golfer
  • Tom Cotcher as Taxi Driver
  • Ben Parsons as Passer By
  • Kate Bracken as Dr. Greer Barrie

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Notes and Trivia[]

  • This is the second episode in the series to feature a title sequence rather than just a title card, the first one being Management Sucks.


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