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Dasha Duzran was a high-ranking official working for The Twelve. She indoctrinated Villanelle into the world of hired killers and mentored her throughout her life.


Early Life[]

Dasha was born and raised in Russia, and her patriotic fervour for the Motherland persists to this day. As a teenager, she had a singular talent at gymnastics. Driven to rage by her coach's constant criticism, she beat her boyfriend to death in the locker room and covered his face in chalk. She was quickly hired by The Twelve as an assassin, renowned for her textbook precision, where she was responsible for training recruits like Villanelle. She took pride in having moulded the young girl into a perfect killing machine. Until she killed one of her own superior gents, she was a top KGB agent.

Reconnecting with Villanelle[]

With her successful gymnastic and assassin careers mere memories, Dasha wanted to return to Russia. She planned to earn the good will of The Twelve by getting Villanelle to carry out their hits, coercing her into the job with the promise of a position in upper management.

She tracked Villanelle to Rome and interrupted her wedding to Maria, starting an all-out brawl at the reception. Back in Dasha's apartment, Villanelle agreed to work for her in exchange for a promotion to Keeper, a position so high that Dasha couldn't help but mock her.

Villanelle accompanied Dasha to her gymnastics class, where Dasha demonstrated the same brutal teaching style that she had been subjected to. Dasha told her The Twelve would grant her full benefits and a big welcome-home bonus if she could prove herself by assassinating someone in Girona, Spain, urging her to make the kill as creative as possible. Villanelle followed through by murdering a spice saleswoman then pouring paprika onto her face.

Under order from The Twelve's to sever the relationship between Eve and Villanelle, Dasha travelled to Poland. She stole Niko's phone in a bar and posed as him to invite Eve to meet up. Upon her arrival, Dasha waited until Niko was in view before impaling him with a pitchfork, a move designed to frame Villanelle.

After being stabbed by a mark, Villannelle sought refuge in Dasha's apartment where she sewed her wound shut and silenced her pleas to leave the assassin life behind.


Her efforts to create a rift between Villanelle and Eve led to her death, which ironically brought the two women closer. Having realized that her supposed promotion within the Twelve was nothing but a well-thought-out play by Dasha to keep her in check, Villanelle hit her over the head with a golf club during an assignment for the Twelve and fled to start a new life with Konstantin. Still alive, Dasha was found by Eve, who started to put all her weight on a defenseless Dasha's chest in retaliation for her attempt to take Niko's life. After inflicting further non-lethal damage, Eve also fled the scene. Eventually, Dasha was discovered and brought to a hospital. She ended up in the same hospital as the one where Konstantin was treated for his heart attack. He found her to say goodbye. After bringing up Dasha's murder attempt on Villanelle many years ago, Konstantin pointed out that Dasha had misjudged Villanelle back then; she had been ready for her role within the Twelve, yet had no interest to play by Dasha's rules. Dasha uttered that the West had made Konstantin a soft loser. As he held her hand, he told her to give up on ever returning to Mother Russia as she would die in this room. Dasha wondered why Konstantin never interfered if he didn't like the way she had treated Villanelle. He left the room without answering, after which Dasha succumbed to her injuries.


Dasha was a hardened, cynical woman. She had a grandiose sense of self that left no room for compassion or even basic politeness toward other people. Despite chain smoking, she remained in peak fitness for her gymnastic classes.







As a teenager, she had a singular talent at gymnastics. After killing her boyfriend, she caught the attention of the The Twelve, going on to become an assassin. In her old age, she mentored Villanelle while moonlighting as a children's gymnastics and swimming teacher.

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