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"Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?" is the season premiere of the second season and 9th overall episode of Killing Eve.


Eve is reeling from her act of violence against Villanelle and doesn't know whether she is alive or dead. A paranoid and severely injured Villanelle manages to get herself to the hospital for treatment. Carolyn approaches Eve with an intriguing opportunity.


30 seconds after finding Villanelle gone, Eve rushes down the stairs of the apartment building. As she finds blood on the railing, three Russian assassins posing as paramedics force open the door, prompting Eve to run back upstairs and hide inside a utility closet. After they've passed her hiding place, she quietly continues her way down, catching a glimpse of Madame Tattevin being shot. Just as she arrives outside, her phone rings. It's Carolyn. She declines the call and runs to the street, not noticing a bloody handprint next to a gate in the alley.

Hiding behind said gates, Villanelle watches the assassins wheel a body bag into an ambulance and dump bags with her stuff in another. As the trio notice the trail of blood, Villanelle sneaks down a flight of stairs while applying pressure to her stab wound.

Out on the streets, Eve answers Carolyn's call. Carolyn tells her to go back now. After she's hung up, Eve says, "I think I might have killed her," disrupting a marriage proposal.

Eve makes her way to the Gare du Nord, where she fills up an entire bag of candy, while Villanelle limps down a street and steals a homeless man's bottle of vodka. After a sip, she pours it onto her wound. She then steals the man's jacket to cover up her bloodied clothes.

Eve obsessively eats her candy before heading to the security line. After putting her belongings in a tray, she realizes she still has the knife she stabbed Villanelle with in her pocket. She runs off, leaving behind her shoes and other belonings.

She finds a restroom and hides in a stall to clean the blood off the knife. She wraps it in towels and drops it in a bin.

She returns to the security line, claiming she had to run to the loo after eating a bad oyster. The security guard complies and gives her back her stuff. She passes through the metal detector without a problem.

While waiting at a bar, she mindlessly stabs the palm of her hand with a pen until a woman asks if the seat beside her is taken. The woman notices she's tense and tells her she knows exactly how she's feeling. She claims she's a friend. As the woman brings up meetings, Eve scoffs and laughs at the idea of being an addict. Offended, the woman moves a few seats.

Villanelle fails to get a taxi so she throws herself in front of one. The driver gets out.

The man is driving her to a hospital in his taxi while panicking. She urges him to drive faster. He begs God for protection. Upon hearing they're still ten minutes out, she asks if he knows how to dispose of a body.

The taxi pulls up outside the emergency room. He drops her on the floor and drives off. Villanelle has lost consciousness.

Eve's train is nearing London. She notices a heart carved into her table.

Villanelle wakes up in a bed. The doctor informs she's been there for a few hours. They have stitched up her wound. With antibiotics and dressing, it should heal. She inquires if anyone has come looking for her. No one has. The doctor mentions he's supposed to report this kind of wound to the police but she claims that man who did this to her is a detective with the Police Judiciaire. She pretends to be frightened of him. The doctor agrees to keep her admittance off the records but he's afraid the next shift's doctor won't agree. She then notices a bowl of lollipops and stickers.

Back at home, Eve is calling around to find out if there are any reports of stab wounds in Paris. She takes a moment to let everything sink in.

Villanelle cautiously tries to stand. A nurse brings her some pills, which she throws away. A teenage boy in the bed next to hers tells her she should take her pills. She disagrees as she can't walk when she has taken those. She tells him bad people are chasing her and she needs to go visit her girlfriend in London. Gabriel has been in a horrible car accident. She tells him a woman stabbed her and admits it surprised her. She knows Eve did it to show her how much she cared about her. Villanelle says you do crazy things when you love someone. Villanelle wants to play a game.

Eve is singing along with some music while cooking a roast chicken. Her knife fascinates her for a moment until Niko walks in. She claims her work trip was boring while he notices the insane amount of vegetables she has chopped up. He turns off the music and asks to talk about what happened when she pissed off. She says this is an apology dinner. She says she was fired so they can go back to normal. Niko finds that she has forgotten to put the chicken in the oven.

While crawled up in a bath, Eve ignores another one of Carolyn's calls. She stares at her hands. Niko comes in and asks her to finally answer her phone. He knows something happened. She starts crying and denies that. She can't tell him. She doesn't know if she's in trouble. She reaches for her phone and he leaves to go out.

Gabriel returns to the room with a disguise for Villanelle. She compliments his stealing skills.

Eve is applying moisturizer. An unknown number calls her. She answers the call. It's a telemarketer. She lies down and asks him to tell her all about the windows, which comforts her.

Wearing a white coat over her gown, Villanelle sneaks out of her room and slips on a pair of nursing shoes, much to her dismay. She makes her way to a supply closet, where she fills up a briefcase with a variety of supplies.

As she passes by a room, she notices a bag in a dying man's room. As she's going through it, the man's wife appears behind her. She pretends to be checking in on the patient and the wife asks about the results. Villanelle claims to have good news. The woman is delighted and hugs her. Villanelle steals her wallet and comforts her.

Back in her room, she's disappointed by the amount of money in the wallet. She asks Gabriel if his parents are coming o visit. They died in the accident. He comments she's not looking well, after which she drops to the floor.

Eve meets with Carolyn in a park. Eve says she had a feeling and admits she went to find Villanelle. She claims she found Villanelle's apartment empty. Eve brings up the paramedics, whom Carolyn says are the The Twelve's cleaners. If Villanelle's alive, she's on the move. Eve claims not to have any idea about where she might be headed.

As they exit the office, Carolyn tells Eve that MI6 has sent a team to Villanelle's flat, though she suspects they won't find anything. Eve thinks it's over now but Carolyn says circumstances have changed. She urges Eve to follow her.

Villanelle wakes up in her bed the next morning. Gabriel tells her she snores. Villanelle gathers everything she has stolen in her briefcase and asks Gabriel for his clothes. As she gets changed into his pyjamas, he tells her she can look under his bandages if she promises to tell him how bad it is. The doctors won't let him look. She takes a look and says it's really bad. She discovers he lost an eye.

Eve and Carolyn arrive in an underground morgue where Carolyn greets her friend Julia. The UCH morgue is being refurbished. Carolyn has told her about Eve. Julia offers them a beer. Eve is utterly confused.

Julia shows them a body. Eve is craving a burger, which Julia says is due to the formaldehyde.

After finishing up their burgers, Eve is feeling better. Carolyn tells her the dead man is Alister Peel. He died of a heart attack. Nadia's note said "Alister Peel." The note was addressed to Eve. Eve pieces together that Carolyn suspects that Villanelle murdered Alister, which is why she brought in the head of Villanelle's fan club. Julia tells Eve Alister died from a heart attack caused by an air embolism.

Villanelle finishes packing up and confirms to Gabriel that she's heading to London. Gabriel asks if her girlfriend is going to stab her again. Villanelle doesn't think so. She knows Eve better than anyone now, even better than she knows herself. She advises Gabriel not to trust people based on their looks. Gabriel asks if his face will get better. She doesn't think so. He thanks her for the truth and starts sobbing. She suggests he get an eyepatch. He doesn't want people staring at him. He wants to be normal. She says normal is boring. She's aware that she looks normal but she assures him she's not. He wishes he had died in that car. She wouldn't want to live like him, either. She pulls him closer and briefly comforts him before snapping his neck. She covers him up with his blanket, making it look like he's sleeping.

Carolyn tells Eve that Alister was reclusive. Eve asks if he had any female staff at his house. Carolyn says he had a pedicure once a week. Eve says they have to look for a puncture mark on his feet.

Villanelle is heading for the exit in a wheelchair. An alarm starts blaring. The security guard stops her at the door and tells her no one can leave until the police arrive. Villanelle pretends to have received bad news and begs him for a moment alone. He allows her to continue but asks her to stay close to the doors. She makes it outside and disappears as he turns around to answer the telephone.

Eve talks about Villanelle being the possible killer of Alister Peel. Eve wants to know why Carolyn brought her here and put her through the charade of solving her little test. Eve wants to know what's going on with Konstantin and Moscow. Eve asks her who she's working for. Carolyn answers her questions with some questions of her own; she asks what truly happened in Paris, why Nadia addressed her note to Eve in particular, and why she and Villanelle are so interested in each other. Carolyn tells Eve that Villanelle is coming for her, regardless of whether or not Eve is working for MI6. Carolyn says Eve needs to find Villanelle before she finds her. She knows that's exactly what Eve wants so she can save her pretend reluctance for Niko.

Villanelle has hitched a ride to Calais. At a gas station, she sees a British family heading to the shop.

Eve is folding laundry as Niko comes home. He has been thinking all day and he's realized that there is no way out of her job. She needs this. She admits she can't leave. She's sorry about that. He doesn't mind. All he wants is for her to communicate with him. He asks her what is going on. She bought a shit ton of really expensive windows.

The family get back to their car and drive off, unknowingly leaving their luggage behind. As they drive back to England, Villanelle gets cozy in the trunk.

Eve tosses and turns in bed while Villanelle smiles, eager to be closer to Eve.



Guest Starring[]

  • Irina Lytiak as Paramedic
  • Sonia Elliman as Madame Tattevin
  • Thomas Jeand'heur as TCA Officer
  • Elena Saurel as Woman at Train Station
  • Mohamed Badissy as Taxi Driver
  • Terrence Amadi as Security Guard
  • André Refig as Paris Doctor
  • Pierre Atri as Gabriel Michel
  • Caroline Crier as Madame Dubois
  • Michael Moore as Oliver
  • Barbara Flynn as Julia
  • Luke De Woolfson as British Dad

Murders and Investigations[]


  • It's Oh So Quiet • Betty Hutton

Song from the season 2 trailer for Killing Eve.

  • I Could Tell You but I'd Have to Kill • Unloved

Villanelle escapes from her room

  • La plus belle chanson • Jacqueline Taïeb
  • Damned • Unloved
  • Kids In America • Kim Wilde
  • Danger • Unloved & Barry Woolnough
  • Fail We May Sail We Must (Killing Eve) • Unloved

At the morgue, Carolyn tells Eve that Villanelle will find her

  • Xpectations • Unloved

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Both Eve and Villanelle deal with their stress by eating candy.
  • Villanelle's pop-art pyjama was specifically made for the show. Costume designer Charlotte Mitchell deliberately tailored it to make it too small for Jodie Comer to fit.
  • Villanelle eventually does take a "Superbe!" sticker from the children's table in the French hospital, and it's visible briefly on her gown in later close-ups.


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