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Dominik Wolanski is a Polish kid who bridges with Niko Polastri.


Early Life[]

Translating for Eve[]

Eve visits Niko at his Polish bridge club and recruits him and a Polish teenager, Dom, to listen to the recording of Kasia's babbling about the assassination. They decipher that Kasia is using slang and the assassin was tall, dark, and flat-chested, a "small-breasted psycho." Eve calls Elena at the office and requests information on Margit Polsen and any other active female assassins under the age of 45. Margit's breasts are too big for it to have been her and the other two female assassins (Katrina Voltrinski and Wendi Helmsen) are dead.

Eve takes Dom with her to the hospital and has him pretend to be Kasia's relative. While they are waiting to speak with Kasia, Eve goes to the restroom where the one stall is in use. Eve returns to the hospital room to find the nurse and the security detail are dead. She tries to stop the bleeding from Kasia's throat but Kasia dies as Dom returns with snacks.

Coming Home with Niko[]

Eve's phone rings and she answers Niko's call, telling him to bring Dom home with him. Villanelle is with Eve at Eve's house when the door opens and Niko and Dom enter. Eve begs for their lives as Villanelle picks up Eve's phone and asks for her PIN ("1234"). Villanelle takes Eve's phone and dress and says hello and goodbye to Niko and Dom on her way out the door.








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