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"Don't Get Attached" is the fifth episode of the fourth season and 29th overall episode of Killing Eve.


Eve delves into the past of her target and unearths some secrets. Villanelle re-embraces killing, deciding to kill those who oppressed her. Carolyn tracks down a top member of The Twelve.


In a flashback to 1979, Carolyn and Konstantin are attending an anarchist meeting in Berlin, led by Lars. When Lars is gathering ideas for names for their group, Carolyn suggests they name themselves after the number of founding members—twelve. Carolyn and Konstantin flirt, and eventually spend the night together.

She later discovers that her father, a British spy, has committed suicide after being blackmailed. When Carolyn learns that Konstantin is Russian, she confronts him at a lake. Konstantin tells her that he is a KGB spy and responsible for blackmailing her father. Lars finds the two arguing and a fight ensues during which Lars falls into the lake and disappears, presumed dead.

In the present day, Villanelle leaves Cuba to meet Konstantin in Margate in an attempt to locate Hélène. Eve acquires an old video tape of Lars and his British girlfriend. She views the recording and recognizes a young Carolyn in it.

Eve abducts Hélène's daughter Chloe from Paris as a response to Hélène bailing Villanelle out of prison. Hélène retaliates by driving Eve out to Margate, where Eve is forced to watch Villanelle being struck by an arrow and falling unconscious. Eve runs to Villanelle and cradles her.



Guest Starring[]

  • Robert Gilbert as Yusuf
  • Steve Oram as Phil
  • Anjana Vasan as Pam
  • Sebastian Abineri as Rustem
  • Ingvar Sigurdsson as Lars

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