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Elena Felton is Eve's former assistant at MI5. She joined Eve on her unofficial investigation into The Twelve but quit the team out of fear for her life.


Eve's Investigation[]

Annoyed at having to work on a Sunday, Elena told Eve about their newest project - investigating the murder of a Russian sex-trafficking politician. At Eve's request, Elena researched potential female serial killers who may be responsible.

Eve invited Bill and Elena to come work with her at MI6. She brought them up to speed on a string of assassinations she believed were done by the same woman. Elena arranged to meet with Frank for drinks to see if she can get information on the CCTV of when the Russian, Kedrin, was killed. She, Bill and Eve apologised for calling Frank a "dick-swab" before grilling him about the CCTV.

In their Trafalgar office, Eve debated whether to take Bill or Kenny to investigate the murder of Chinese colonel, Zhang Wu, in Berlin, and ultimately decided on Bill. While Eve shopped in Berlin, she talked on the phone to Elena, asking for intel on Jin.

Bill's Death and Confrontation with Villanelle[]

At Bill's funeral, Frank gave a speech so offensive that Eve left the church. Elena followed Eve outside and they console each other, reiterating that no one is to know the truth of how Bill died.

Eve met with Elena and Kenny to discuss the suitcase Villanelle sent her. She assigned them the task of finding out where the clothes were bought and collecting DNA evidence.

After uncovering mysterious payments made to fund Frank's children's education, Eve and Elena went to Bletcham to do surveillance. As Elena drove, she told stories about Carolyn thwarting an ex-KGB agent's plot to sell plutonium. Arriving in Bletcham, Kenny replayed to them that Frank was speeding away and a car chase began. Now being pursued by Villanelle, Frank called Eve for help and they directed him on foot to their car. Suddenly, Villanelle approached with her gun drawn. Eve exited the car to try and talk her down, despite Elena's protests. Villanelle fired the gun at her and the three of them made a getaway.

Elena and Eve took Frank to a diner and questioned him about the attempt on his life, then to a safe house owned by Carolyn. Elena brought them tea before heading back to the office. After bumping into Kenny, Eve saw his attempt to flirt with Elena over email and she advised him to give her a call.

Russia Trip[]

Elena opted out of a trip to visit Villanelle in a Russian prison.

At the airport, Eve heard a voicemail message from Elena that a young man (Sebastian) was found dead in a Parisian apartment having ingested the same chemical cocktail that killed Carla De Mann. She also uncovered a Paris apartment (Villanelle's) paid for by the same account funding Frank's children's education.


A working class girl who studied computer science at Sheffield, Elena is easily mistaken for an simple desk jockey in the MI5. In actuality, she is strategically climbing the corporate ladder in order to became a spy. She is confident in her abilities and moved by Eve's faith in her. Fundamentally, Elena is a serious person with strong principles and a dry sense of humor. Her ambition is rock solid.



She is single and loving it.[1]


Whilst working together, Eve and Elena formed a close friendship. When Eve moved to the Trafalgar office, Elena was the first to jump ship and join her.


She idolizes Carolyn Martens.


Elena works as a secretary in the secret services with abilities relating to data-gathering, espionage, and surveillance.