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"End of Game" is the sixth episode of the third season and 22nd overall episode of Killing Eve.


Carolyn finds out that information is being withheld by the people close to her. Eve finds a lead on Villanelle. Having had enough, Villanelle sets off on a different path. Konstantin's loyalties are pulled in two directions.


Eve visits Niko in his hospital room at St. Pancras. He is hooked up to a ventilator, preventing him from speaking. Niko's father Maciek is there. He is very hostile towards Eve, calling her a source of stress for Niko. Maciek remembers telling Niko not to marry Eve, predicting she would turn into a nightmare. Niko makes Maciek leave. Eve sits down and tells Niko she will find out who did this to him and why. He stops her and uses his voice computer to tell her to piss off forever.

Villanelle has a meeting with Hélène, who's on the phone with her daughter about having hurt her minou. She hangs up and welcomes Villanelle. She suggests they move to the couch. She grabs a bottle of champagne. Hélène has been watching her and deems her remarkable. Hélène is called by her mother and says her daughter is just doing this to get attention. She wraps up the call. Hélène wanted to meet in person to congratulate Villanelle on her promotion: she's officially a Keeper now. They raise their glasses to that. Hélène has an exciting job for her that will cause a big stir, a politician in Romania. She hands Villanelle the postcard. Villanelle thought she would be giving the orders. This is just more of the same. Hélène reminds her she'll get all the material perks she wanted and tells her to enjoy Romania.

Eve, Bear, and Jamie have composed a wall with details on the chalk powder kill, the spice kill, and the attack on Niko. Jamie and Bear think Villanelle faked the texts to lure Eve to Poland. Eve utters that it can't be about the bus. She thinks Villanelle knows not to touch Niko. Bear suggests that if Villanelle's still got it, Niko would be dead. Eve spots some photos of Bertha Kruger's corpse. Bear and Jamie fill her in on the murder. Eve leaves.

Eve's muffin gets stuck in the vending machine. She shakes the machine, eventually making the muffin fall. Bear points out it has long expired. He gives her some quarters to buy something else. The KitKat gets stuck also. Bear tells her it would be okay for her not to be okay after everything she has been through with Kenny, Niko, and being homeless. The KitKat finally drops. As they eat it, Bear shows Eve a website he found with information on Dasha Duzran, who is responsible for the gymnast kill according to the rumors. Bear theorizes that the Chalk Kill got her recruited. Eve wonders why Villanelle imitated her kill and asks about Dasha's whereabouts. Bear informs her she is a gymnastics teacher in Barcelona.

Eve drops by Carolyn's house and demands Carolyn tell her everything about Dasha Duzran.

While Carolyn works to save her cactus, she tells Eve she first met Dasha in Sorrento when she had just been kicked out of the KGB. Carolyn waited for her in a café. Dasha took an enormous bite out of a lemon before sitting down. Eve thinks Dasha is running Villanelle out of Barcelona. Eve thinks Dasha knows where Villanelle was last week. Eve assumes she was killing Bertha. Eve wants to find out who tried to kill Niko. Carolyn wonders if it really matters who did it if it was the Twelve. Eve says the same goes for Kenny. Carolyn concedes and warns Eve to be careful. Dasha was the KGB's top assassin until she killed one of their own, which is why she was exiled.


Konstantin is cheering on Irina, who's playing ice hockey. Suddenly, he hears Villanelle screaming for Irina and sounding an air horn.

Konstantin sits down with Villanelle. Villanelle wants in on his plan to get out. He asks about her trip. Villanelle replies she's excellent at dung throwing. When he asks about her mother, he realizes she killed her. Villanelle defends herself, saying she deserved it. Konstantin wanted Villanelle to grow up and realize that her mother is just insane, not evil. Villanelle refuses to talk about it and asks where they are going. Konstantin says it's too dangerous for all of them to go together. Villanelle begs him. He will send for her. She refuses and insists the two of them go first and then he can send for Irina. He refuses but promises she can join them. Konstantin warns Villanelle not to make anyone suspicious because she will be dead the minute they find out. Irina comes to yell at her father for missing her goal in the final minute. Villanelle tells Irina that Konstantin is a terrible father and that she should run away. She adds she came to make their travel arrangements. Irina refuses to come with if Villanelle is joining them. Konstantin sends his daughter to go get changed. Konstantin points out that if Villanelle is getting out, she has to leave everything and everyone, including Eve. Villanelle knows that.

Carolyn sits down on a bench next to a man who asks her if she's coming to poker this week. She checks her calendar and says she can't. He tells her Shirley is making her mushroom risotto. She will see what she can do. He then hands her the phone records from and to Kenny's phone two days before he died. The man says there were several calls to and from a Russian number. Mike says he emailed her this information over a week ago. She didn't know about that. Since he didn't want the information to get lost, he suggested this meeting.

At work, Carolyn finds Paul and asks him about the phone records. He claims Scotland Yard are dragging their feet. She stares at him for a moment and asks Paul if he's working for "them." He asks her the same question rather than reply. They don't trust one another. Carolyn is not sure if she should trust him. He says no. No one at MI6 is to be trusted. Paul has to leave for an appointment. He tells Carolyn that this is her office.

Irina's stepfather drops her off at school and chases after her to give her her lunchbox. He made her peanut butter sandwiches, her favorite. He asks her to smile despite it being her special time of the month. As he drives off, Irina sees Villanelle waving at her from the swing set.

Irina tells Villanelle that her mom's boyfriend is really nice but not a pervert. Villanelle suggests they bunk off. She promises it willbe fun. Irina can choose what they're going to do.

Irina and Villanelle are joyriding on a deserted airstrip. Irina knows Villanelle is trying to convince her to let her tag along. Villanelle asks her where her father is. He's in London. Irina says it's annoying to be around two people in love, and it's worse when they are your mother and her disgusting boyfriend. Villanelle suggests Irina kill him. Villanelle tells Irina the humidity in South America won't be kind to her hair. Irina says Cuba is in North America.

Not Cuba

Konstantin finds Carolyn waiting for him on the street outside a shop. She suggests they go for a drive.

Carolyn is speeding down a desolate road. He wants to know where they are going but she refuses to tell him. She makes him give her his wallet and tosses it and his phone out the window. She wants to know what he wanted with her child. Konstantin says Geraldine kissed him. Carolyn picks up the pace. She asks why Kenny called him the night before he died. After making Carolyn narrowly avoid a tractor, Konstantin says Kenny asked him if he was his father. He told Kenny he didn't know. Carolyn pulls over and orders Konstantin to get out. She drives off, leaving him behind.

Geraldine comes home and finds Carolyn cooking. Geraldine went out shopping for the ingredients for vegetable stew. Carolyn felt like eating pork pie. Geraldine knows Carolyn doesn't like her and now they need to put up with one another since they are the only ones left of their family. Geraldine doesn't love living her, being treated like an idiotic annoyance whose intellectual power could never match up to Carolyn's. But she chooses to stay because her mother is all that she has left, too, and she thought they would grow closer so that they could do more than just tolerate each other. Carolyn says Geraldine was her father's and Kenny was hers. Geraldine's father understood her and she him in a way that Carolyn never did, and the same was true for her and Kenny. Carolyn admits she finds it hard to understand Geraldine. She can pretend to be interested in the things that interest Geraldine but she can't lie like other parents do. She knows Geraldine finds her harsh and cold. She finds Geraldine disappointed and expectant. Carolyn cuts herself. Geraldine applies pressure with a paper towel. Carolyn says that since they are the only ones left, Geraldine can make her stew and Carolyn will pretend to like it. And while she cooks, Geraldine can tell her about what's been going on with her and Konstantin. It seems that while Carolyn has never lied to her, Geraldine has had no problem lying to her. Geraldine remains quiet. Carolyn asks Geraldine to call her when she stew is done and walks off.

At home, Konstantin is startled by Paul sitting on his bed. Paul asks where he has been. Paul says it turns out Kruger wasn't the man they were after. Paul says that whoever had Bertha kill is the person they are looking for. Konstantin asks if he means he gets to leave London now. Paul says Konstantin's new job is to find out who put the hit out on Bertha. If there's a breach, they are both to blame, but Paul will make sure Konstantin is the one who will fall.


Eve finds Dasha at a bowling alley and asks her if she is up for a game.

Dasha throws a strike. Eve effortlessly does, too. Dasha throws another one and asks Eve why she is here. Eve knows Dasha is working for the Twelve and with Villanelle. Eve throws another strike. She says she has never bowled. Eve brings up how Villanelle copied Dasha's first kill. As Dasha goes to throw again, Eve says the person who tried to imitate Villanelle while killing Niko did a poor job. Eve mentioning that Niko is still alive makes Dasha screw up. Dasha ignores Eve asking if Villanelle was sent to kill Kenny and says just because Eve doesn't want Villanelle to be the one who has tried to kill Niko, doesn't mean it wasn't. Dasha says Villanelle has been promoted. Dasha tells Eve that Villanelle will never be loyal to her while she does respect Dasha. Dasha says she created Villanelle. She created a perfect killing machine. That's all Villanelle knows. Eve doesn't think so. Dasha says Eve will never touch Villanelle now that she's moving up in the world. Eve throws another strike. Dasha tells Eve she will never win at this game. She could kill Eve any time. She announces the game is over and leaves.

This Is Bullshit

A joyless Villanelle sits on a bed in her hotel room in Romania. She's getting into her disguise. A hood dryer is lying behind her.

The Romanian minister arrives in the TV studio. He is late for his interview.

Backstage, he asks the hairdresser to fix his hair. It's Villanelle, who claims the regular girl is out sick. As he begins to relax under the hood dryer, she crams the gel eye mask into his mouth to muffle his screams. As his head starts getting fried, he grabs scissors from her apron and stabs her. As the man dies, Villanelle runs off, leaving behind a bloody footstep.

In London, Konstantin quickly packs a suitcase. He calls Irina and tells her school's out early this year.

Dasha finds a wounded Villanelle in the bathroom. Villanelle says she's done with this. She says she is leaving. Dasha asks about her meeting with Hélène. Villanelle says that is not her real name. Now that Villanelle is a Keeper, Dasha can go back to Russia. Dasha says she doesn't get to go home after this disastrous kill. Dasha stitches up the wound for her. Once Dasha is done, she asks Villanelle what happened. With her voice breaking, Villanelle says she doesn't want to do this anymore. Dasha tells her to get herself cleaned up while she orders pizza.

Eve observes a sleeping Niko from outside his room. She walks away.

Irina is waiting behind the wheel of a car in the driveway. Her stepfather leaves the house to take trash out. As Konstantin arrives at the house, Irina starts the car and runs over her stepfather. While she appears amused, Konstantin is horrified.



Guest Starring[]

  • Oliver Cotton as Maciek
  • Yuli Lagodinsky as Irina Vasilieva
  • Vincent Ebrahim as Mike
  • Ion Grosu as Irina's Mom's Boyfriend
  • Calin Bleau as Politician
  • Ancuta Breaban as Publicist

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  • The episode is dedicated to the memory of Jay Benedict.


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