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This is a list of episodes for the BBC America television series Killing Eve.

Season One[]

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Ep. # Season # Title Original air date
101 1 "Nice Face" April 8, 2018
A bored MI5 security officer yearns for more excitement. When a Russian politician is murdered, she is tasked with protecting the only witness and soon finds herself on a collision course with a violent and extraordinary assassin.
102 1 "I'll Deal with Him Later" April 15, 2018
In the aftermath of her recent assignment, Villanelle is ordered to take a break. Never one to do as she's told, she goes ahead with her next mission regardless. Meanwhile, Eve is given a dream opportunity to join a secret MI6 unit tracking Villanelle and the shady organization she works for.
103 1 "Don't I Know You?" April 22, 2018
When Villanelle kills a Chinese colonel at a kink clinic in Berlin, Eve and Bill travel out to investigate. While Eve and Bill chase up a number of promising leads, Villanelle enjoys the cat-and-mouse of their proximity. But as they draw closer, Eve comes to realize that this is much more than a game.
104 1 "Sorry Baby" April 29, 2018
Intel from Berlin points to the existence of a mole, prompting Eve to undertake her first surveillance operation; Villanelle is sent to England to eliminate a member of British Intelligence. Villanelle wonders, could it be Eve? Meanwhile Eve, in emotional turmoil, now knows how high the stakes are.
105 1 "I Have a Thing About Bathrooms" May 6, 2018
Having survived a terrifying close call with Villanelle, Eve now has the mole ensconced in a safe house and is buzzing. They have an exciting opportunity to glean information and crack this thing open.
106 1 "Take Me to the Hole!" May 14, 2018
Nadia is in a Russian prison, and Villanelle, Eve, and Konstantin need to get to her for different reasons. Eve starts wondering if there's more to working for Carolyn than she anticipated at first.
107 1 "I Don't Want to Be Free" May 20, 2018
Tensions are running high as the situation in Moscow escalates, and Eve starts to question who she can trust. Despite the danger, with her sights firmly set on Villanelle, Eve goes rogue. With both women under pressure, the stakes are higher than ever.
108 1 "God, I'm Tired" May 27, 2018
Eve and Kenny confront Carolyn, but get a surprise that leads them deeper into the conspiracy. Villanelle goes on the run with a hostage that might be more than she can handle.

Season Two[]

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Ep. # Season # Title Original air date
201 2 "Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?" April 7, 2019
Eve is reeling from her act of violence against Villanelle and doesn't know whether she is alive or dead. A paranoid and severely injured Villanelle manages to get herself to the hospital for treatment. Carolyn approaches Eve with an intriguing opportunity.
202 2 "Nice and Neat" April 14, 2019
Carolyn introduces Eve to her new team before Eve briefs them on the Villanelle case. Villanelle, needing to lie low while she recovers, finds a good Samaritan to take her in and care for her.
203 2 "The Hungry Caterpillar" April 21, 2019
Villanelle wearing eve's scarf 2x03.jpg
Villanelle's circumstances are looking bleak. Eve makes a dangerous deal with an old acquaintance.
204 2 "Desperate Times" April 28, 2019
After the discovery of another dead body, Eve and her new team make a break in their case.
205 2 "Smell Ya Later" May 5, 2019
The MI6 team make a pact with the devil in order to get information from The Ghost.
206 2 "I Hope You Like Missionary!" May 12, 2019
Villanelle uses her unrivaled infiltration skills to immerse herself in the world of a new target.
207 2 "Wide Awake" May 19, 2019
Eve may have worrying competition for Villanelle’s affection.
208 2 "You're Mine" May 26, 2019
Eve’s mission is disastrously compromised; Carolyn leaves Eve’s future in her own hands.

Season Three[]

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Season Four[]

Ep. # Season # Title Original air date
301 3 "Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey" April 12, 2020
3x01-1 Eve rehab.jpg
Eve is attempting to rebuild her life, having been shot by Villanelle. Villanelle is also moving on, until she is approached by an old foe. Carolyn is being undermined at work and Kenny can’t leave his own investigation into The Twelve alone.
302 3 "Management Sucks" April 19, 2020
3x02-1 Villanelle Felix clown.jpg
Eve and Carolyn are reeling. Eve strikes up an unlikely alliance with Kenny's colleagues at the Bitter Pill. Villanelle finds that management isn't all it's cracked up to be.
303 3 "Meetings Have Biscuits" April 12, 2020
3x03-1 Villanelle perfumery.jpg
Villanelle agrees to a job which will take her back to London. Carolyn's Moscow contacts come in use when Eve and the Bitter Pill team unravel a potential lead to The Twelve. Konstantin finds himself under pressure from all sides.
304 3 "Still Got It" May 3, 2020
3x04-1 Niko happy Poland.jpg
Eve is trying to patch up things with Niko. Villanelle receives good news about her upcoming promotion but can't shake the feeling there's still something missing from her life. Dasha seeks a solution to Villanelle's erratic behavior.
305 3 "Are You From Pinner?" May 10, 2020
3x05-1 Villanelle arrives home.jpg
Villanelle returns to Russia to try to find her family, hoping that perhaps a new connection to her roots will give her back what has been missing in her life.
306 3 "End of Game" May 17, 2020
3x06-1 Villanelle promotion celebration.jpg
Carolyn finds out that information is being withheld by the people close to her. Eve finds a lead on Villanelle. Having had enough, Villanelle sets off on a different path. Konstantin's loyalties are pulled in two directions.
307 3 "Beautiful Monster" May 24, 2020
3x07-1 Eve station.jpg
Carolyn is frustrated with the lack of progress in the investigation. Meanwhile, Eve is focused on Villanelle and finds a clue to her whereabouts. Villanelle and Dasha work together on a kill. The pressure is getting to Konstantin.
308 3 "Are You Leading or Am I?" May 31, 2020
3x08-1 Eve betting shop.jpg
Konstantin tries to run for it. Carolyn might have finally found what she's looking for. Eve and Villanelle try to work out what the future holds for them.