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Gemma was a teacher at St. Theobald School. She developed a crush on a fellow math teacher, Niko Polastri, and resented his wife, Eve. Niko briefly stayed in Gemma's apartment after he left Eve.


Gemma attends a teachers' conference at the school, where she meets Eve for the first time, covertly flirting with Niko. She later shares cigarette with Villanelle in disguise, who advises her to undermine Eve in front of Niko in order to win him over.

When Niko briefly stays at her apartment after his and Eve’s separation, she finds Eve going through her drawers and finds that she broke her music box.

When helping Niko collect his stuff from storage, Villanelle shows up. At first Gemma is confused, but soon realises that Villanelle is the lady who she shared a cigarette with at school. She watches on as Villanelle threatens Niko, before forcing the two to sit down and asking Niko to choose between Eve or Gemma. He chooses Eve, obviously upsetting Gemma. Villanelle explains this was the wrong choice and now she has to hurt them, but she can’t kill Niko or else Eve would never forgive her. When Niko wakes from his injuries, he finds Gemma sitting on the couch with a plastic bag wrapped around her head. She died of suffocation.


Gemma's standout features are being passive aggressive and a bit dim-witted. Her long-standing jealousy of Eve's relationship with Niko leaves her vulnerable to Villanelle's manipulation.



Her parents were told she committed suicide.


She has a very obvious crush on Niko up until her death.