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Geraldine Stowton is the daughter of Carolyn Martens and sister of Kenny Stowton. She moves in with her mother for support after the latter's death.


Early Life[]

Like her brother Kenny, she was presumably sent to boarding school. She was closer to her father as he understood her more than her mother did.

Kenny's Death[]

Geraldine attends Kenny's funeral, and remarks that Carolyn is treating the event like one of her dinners. When Carolyn asks her to change the music, Geraldine reminds her that the event is about acknowledging their sadness. She meets Konstantin and the two reminisce about Geraldine's childhood.

Geraldine meets Konstantin again later, where he gives her a souvenir fridge magnet, which, unbeknownst to her, is a recording device. She opens the door to Eve when she comes to visit Carolyn, and her mother advises her to go to bed.

Geraldine briefly checks on Carolyn's meeting with Eve, Mo, and Jamie at their house. She later seems excited that her mother has begun "dating" again before Carolyn goes out for the night, and warns her not to mention Stalin before the third date.

She goes to awkwardly embrace her mother after the latter witnesses Sergei's death.

Geraldine greets her mother after she gets up, but is ignored. She later welcomes Carolyn home, and is asked if she has received any visitors. She responds that her friend Lily from university has visited, though Carolyn does not know about her. When Carolyn heads upstairs, Geraldine begins to cry at the foot of the staircase, telling her mother that she feels very lost and that she is worried about Carolyn carrying on, not even saying Kenny's name.

Carolyn responds that she is doing more for Kenny than Geraldine can imagine. Her daughter asks her to talk to her about it, but Carolyn tells her that the two have to respect each other's privacy and grief when they are living together, before she excuses herself to go to sleep.

When making dinner, Geraldine and Carolyn begin to argue as the former bought ingredients for vegetable stew, but the latter simply wanted a pork pie. They begin to talk about Carolyn and Geraldine's distant relationship, and how Geraldine and her late father always understood each other, while Carolyn and Kenny shared a similar special relationship. Carolyn admits her distance to her daughter, though questions her about her meetings with Konstantin.

Geraldine prepares a dinner for Konstantin at his house, surprising him when he enters. He is initially unenthusiastic, but is interested once Geraldine mentions that Carolyn has recently made a big discovery. Geraldine grows angry, calling Konstantin a "bastard" and confronting him about using her to get information about her mother.

Carolyn returns home, and decides to order a takeaway for dinner. She begins to run a bath, but Geraldine comes to inform her once it starts overflowing. Carolyn admits that she is distraught about Mo's death. Geraldine tries to comfort her, but is pushed away. She tells her mother that it isn't healthy to conceal her emotions, and then witnesses Carolyn smashing up various ornaments around the house, letting her emotions loose.

Later, Geraldine reads out a long letter apologizing to her mother and saying everything she wishes in order to reconcile with her. In response, Carolyn tells her that she thinks it's time she left. Geraldine is upset that this is all her mother has to say, but Carolyn informs her that the situation is going more dangerous, and gives Geraldine until the end of the day to leave.


She describes herself as a hyper-empathetic person. She got very emotional about acts of kindness following her brother's death. Her mother, Carolyn Martens, ironically compared her to a carrot.







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