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"Hélène", real name unknown, was one of the highest-ranking members of The Twelve.


Early Life[]

At some point in the life, she was recruited for The Twelve and rose through the ranks.

Meeting with Dasha[]

Hélène met with Dasha Duzran at a swimming pool in Barcelona. Having kept tabs on Villanelle, Hélène had found out that Villanelle had pursued Eve Polastri in London. Dasha claimed to have everything under control and claimed Villanelle was just skittish because of all the changes. Hélène told her "skittish" was unacceptable and reminded her that she wouldn't be going back to her beloved Russia until they allowed her to. Hélène ordered Dasha to get Villanelle working without any extracurricular crap. Dasha suggested she kill Eve but Hélène forbade her from doing that as it would cause too many problems. She told Dasha to drive a wedge between the two women instead.

Villanelle's Promotion[]

After making Villanelle's promotion official, Hélène finally meet Villanelle face to face after having kept tabs on her for a long time. She wanted to personally inform her about her promotion. They drank champagne to celebrate and Hélène then gave Villanelle her next assignment: killing a Romanian minister. Villanelle was upset that she would still be doing the same work rather than giving out orders. Hélène didn't understand where she got that wrong idea and pointed out they had met all her demands for material perks. She told Villanelle to enjoy Romania and left.


Hélène was killed by Villanelle in episode 6 of season 4 “Oh Goodie, I’m The Winner” after she orders a hit on Villanelle the episode before. Hélène tells Villanelle to “make it glorious” before she kills her. Villanelle slits Hélène’s throat, with Eve in the room, before telling Eve “I’m done with you” and heading out of the hotel room. Hélène ordered the hit on villanelle in episode 5 “Don’t Get Attached”. Viewers later find out that this hit was carried out by another psychopathic assassin, Gunn, who is coincidentally obsessed with Villanelle and ultimately makes the situation look worse than it actually is, in that Gunn shoots Villanelle with an arrow in a way that would ensure her survival.


Seeing as how she worked for the Twelve, she had a cold and ruthless side that she knew well how to hide from her family.




She had a daughter, who is often looked after by Hélène's mother while Hélène works. Hélène's daughter doesn't get to see her a lot, causing her to play tricks to get her mother's attention.



She had been keeping tabs on Villanelle for a long time. Hélène pretended to have a fondness for Villanelle to trick her and make sure she won't disappoint The Twelve.


She was one the highest-ranking members of The Twelve, overseeing Dasha and arranging Villanelle's promotion to Keeper, which is one of the highest known functions within the organization.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She presumably was French as she spoke French with her mother and daughter. However, it's not unlikely that her French identity was part of her fake identity.
  • While her exact rank within the Twelve remains undisclosed, producers have confirmed that she was the highest within the organization that we have seen.[1]


Memorable Quotes[]

Do you know why I love you Villanelle? Because you're an agent of chaos. And I love chaos. Chaos disrupts. It rips apart and starts again. It's like a forest fire. It burns, it kills. It's monstrous, but it's beautiful.

You wouldn't be able to, by the way. Kill me before I kill you. You're a child, you have no idea what you're dealing with.



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