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Hugo Turner is an MI6 Agent who joined Eve Polastri's investigation into the Peel family.


Early Life[]

He graduated from Eton and Oxford with the minimum effort required. His family connections guaranteed him a job in the secret services, despite a lack of talent or motivation.


Eve abandoned a dying Hugo to save Villanelle. When she later asked Carolyn Martens about his condition, Carolyn dodged the question, as Hugo's condition was so fragile. Hugo survived the ordeal in Rome. He sued MI6 for the injuries he sustained there.


No one has ever said “no” to Hugo in his entire life. This is a man-boy so used to getting what he wants that people automatically give it to him. He’s not remotely surprised or grateful that, in his twenties, he is in a major Counter-Terrorism department in MI6. He’s totally disrespectful to his elders and betters, and entitlement personified. He also has an insatiable appetite for sex, discussing sex, and making sexual innuendos. Kenny absolutely hates him.



Hugo tries and fails to seduce Eve by kissing her outside a street-meat venue. Eve later initiates sex with him while in Rome, but brushes it off in the morning. Hugo thanks her "for the threesome", aware that she had sex with him because of Villanelle's urgings to her for her to let loose.


Hugo is an MI6 Agent. Through his father's connections, he ended up in a major Counter-Terrorism department in his twenties. He joined Eve's investigation into the Peel family.