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"I Hope You Like Missionary!" is the sixth episode of the second season and 14th overall episode of Killing Eve.


The point of no return. Villanelle uses her unrivaled infiltration skills to immerse herself in the world of a new target. Their relationship on the rocks, Eve and Niko confront each other about their future.


As a storm rages outside, Eve is reading articles about Aaron Peel and his company. She hears clattering outside and peeks out the window. She sees no one but moments later, Niko walks in through the back door. He says Villanelle came to see him and told him what Eve did. Eve says she's a liar but Niko believes her. He throws her against the wall and asks if she liked it, if this excites her. As they nearly kiss, he asks if she wants him to love her or frighten her. She doesn't know. She sinks to her knees. He tells her to go upstairs. She crawls towards the stairs. Villanelle is watching them from outside.

The next morning, a peaceful Eve pours out two cups of coffee. Niko comes in. She says it's feels like a one-night stand. She says last night was amazing. He felt shitty and sad. He enjoyed what they did but he's disappointed she did not tell him when she came back from Paris. She thinks he would not have understood. He can't do this anymore. She begs him not to leave her alone. He says she's not alone and walks out.

Konstantin meets John, Carolyn's one-night stand from Nairobi, who's also an intelligence officer. He offers him some drachona. Carolyn comes downstairs and says they are old friends. Konstantin says he's an old friend of Carolyn's too. Kenny walks in but leaves as he senses tension.

A bored breaks into Eve's house and looks around. She puts Eve's toothbrush in her mouth and switches CD cases. She hides an envelope and hides half of a banana.

Eve meets with Carolyn in an empty restaurant. Carolyn hasn't picked up Aaron Peel yet because she's playing the long game. She shows Eve footage filmed by a journalist with a hidden camera. The footage shows the journalist asking what Peel thinks off the accusation that his owning personal surveillance data gives him too much power and influence, to which Aaron replies that he knows about the camera. He then brings up the S&M sessions the journalist has with his wife, who laughs about it with her friends. Aaron says there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. Carolyn then reveals that she journalist was found dead in a sewer underneath Farringdon. Official story is that an urban explorer overreached himself. Carolyn says there's a Pharaday conference in Rome and that they need to be there.

Hugo points out that it won't be easy to get someone close to Aaron, who doesn't have any friends or close loved ones. He's paranoid. Jess believes they can get a beautiful woman to get close to him. Eve says he already met them.

Jess and Eve arrive at Carolyn's house. Konstantin opens the door and says he and Carolyn have forgiven each other. Jess says they want to make him and Villanelle an offer that does not include killing someone.

Villanelle welcomes Eve to her new home.

Inside, she asks Eve how it's going with Niko. Eve says it's none of her business and tells Villanelle this will be a challenge. Eve tells Villanelle that Aaron's only personal relationships is Amber, whom they'll use to get close to him. She goes to AA meetings in London. Villanelle asks Eve which persona she wants her to use, giving her an array of options. They settle for Billie, a girl who just arrived from New York after one too many nights on the wrong side of the bridge.

Eve addresses Hugo as Kenny and asks him to get started on a watertight, backdated social media presence for Billie. Hugo corrects her. Eve asks to give Billie some vanity degrees. Jess adds some DUI's.

Carolyn tells Villanelle and Eve that this operation is strictly Moscow Rules, which means no messages, no calls, no emails. They have to assume Aaron will be watching and recording everything. They can't break cover for one second. Villanelle deduces Carolyn is the real boss here. The quartermaster walks in and tells them the grain-of-wheat microphone piggybacks on the GPS signal from their phones, even when they're dormant.

In a coffee shop, Jess tells Eve that her struggles with Niko can be solved with a BJ and a compliment. Jess returns to the office while Eve sits down at a table. She checks her phone but Niko still hasn't replied to her messages. Villanelle sits down with her and says a BJ won't help. Niko is too normal for her. Eve tells her she will never understand how much harder it is to be normal and decent than to be like Villanelle. "Like us, you mean," Villanelle says.

In an AA meeting, Amber says her problem started to spin out of control when her mother died. She would have blackouts and piece together what happened by whatever was at the bottom of her bag. Eve is following the meeting through the microphone. Villanelle, dressed as Billie, is the next speaker. She says she recognized a lot of what Amber was saying. It's a lot harder to be normal and decent than it is to be an addict. She says she hurt someone in Paris. She claims her husband left her because he was too nice and her best friend got killed in an accident because of her. She says she has almost nobody left. Villanelle is told to be careful with the self-pity. Carleen is the next speaker as Villanelle is annoyed.

Amber approaches Villanelle at the meeting and says that it gets easier. She just has to be honest. Amber says these guys have seen it all. They can smell bullshit from a mile away. Amber's bodyguard Marie tells her it's time to go.

Villanelle sits down with Eve back at the coffee shop. Eve tells her the operation is over if Villanelle ever uses her or her life again. She says that the first rule of the AA briefing she gave her is honesty. Villanelle points out that she can't be honest if she's being someone else. Eve tells her she's always pretending to be someone always. Villanelle tells Eve she is, too. Villanelle says at least she's good at it. Eve snaps back that she's not good enough, apparently. Villanelle warns her not to talk to her like that again. She shouldn't forget that the only thing that makes Eve is interesting is Villanelle herself. Eve says they'll try again in the morning and leaves.

She arrives at Niko's school with a present, but as she walks up to him, she sees him talking to Gemma, who comforts and hugs him. They enter the school together and Eve walks off.

At the AA meeting, Billie says she has trouble telling the truth. She doesn't understand the concept but somebody told her it was important. Most of the time, she feels nothing. It bores her. She doesn't understand how not everybody's screaming of boredom. She tries to come up with ways to make herself feel something. However, no matter what she does, she still feels nothing. Iain says they can all relate to that.

As they're having a smoke, Amber compliments Villanelle on what she said in the meeting. She goes to invite Villanelle for something but Marie interrupts, reminding Amber that she can't form associations with anyone here per their agreement. Marie tells her they are leaving in five minutes. Amber complies and goes back inside.

In the coffee shop, Eve watches on as Villanelle deviates from the plan and approaches Marie out on the street. She tells her to give Amber some space. Marie tells her to back off. Villanelle apologizes and hugs her before pushing her onto the street in front of a truck. Unfazed, Villanelle stares Eve in the eye. Amber screams as she comes out and sees what happened. Villanelle comforts her, again staring Eve in the eye as she does so.

Eve drops by Carolyn's fencing class. Carolyn heard about the traffic accident, insisting it was just that. Eve informs her Villanelle and Amber have been texting. Carolyn asks her to keep her informed of any development and goes back to fencing.

As they're walking on the street, Villanelle tells Konstantin she's texting Eve.

Eve receives Villanelle's texts, calling her "Kill Commander" and asking if she wants to hang, followed by a series of emojis depicting Marie's death.

Villanelle receives a text from Amber inviting her to supper Thursday.

Eve visits Niko at Gemma's place to bring by his stuff. She called the school for the address. She wanted to be helpful. Gemma appears in the doorway and invites her in for a cup of coffee. Eve accepts the invitation.

Inside, Eve compliments Gemma on the house. As Gemma goes to make coffee, Eve and Niko have an awkward moment. He asks her if Villanelle is keeping her busy. Eve replies that it looks like they two of them are both very busy. Eve excuses herself to use the bathroom.

As she leaves the bathroom, she heads into Gemma's bathroom and scoffs as she sees the decorations in there. She finds a music and pulls out the ballerina. She finds Gemma's lingerie and messes up the drawer. Gemma comes in. She understands things with Niko have been tough but she doesn't want Eve to drag her into it. Eve comes threateningly close, making Gemma call for Niko. Niko comes in and asks Eve what she's doing. She asks him the exact some question. He says he's been sleeping on the sofa bed. Niko demands Eve apologize to his friend Gemma. He assures her there is nothing going on here. She says he is right about that. "I hope you like the missionary position," Eve tells Gemma. She's sure Niko will be happy here. Niko dreads to think about where Eve will be happy. Eve leaves while Gemma takes stock of the damage Eve has inflicted.

Villanelle has joined Aaron and Amber for supper at their family home in Richmond Upon Thames.

Eve and Konstantin are following the dinner from a van parked nearby.

Amber and Aaron ask her where she lives and what she does for work. She replies she lives in Shoreditch and doesn't work for the moment after having interned at a start-up. Aaron isn't impressed. Villanelle says she couldn't run a huge company like his. No wonder he's selling it. He asks how she knows that. Villanelle claims she read an article. Aaron comments she doesn't seem like the type to be interested in business. She claims it was on the magazine pile at the waxing salon.

In some kind of Greek, Aaron tells Amber she found herself another train wreck friend. Amber replies he's not being fair.

Eve understands Aaron is trying to provoke Villanelle and tells Villanelle to ignore him.

Villanelle excuses herself to go to the bathroom. As she walks off, passing several security cameras, Eve asks her to find Aaron's office and look for hidden correspondence. Villanelle finds a library and as she pulls out a book, the wall opens. Aaron is standing on the other side and asks her if she's lost. Villanelle replies she's just being nosey. Aaron directs her to the loo and comments being nosey is not polite.

As Villanelle returns to the dinner table, Eve warns Villanelle not to let it show that he rattled her. Eve thinks Aaron doesn't like people who stand up to her. As Eve and Konstantin start arguing, Villanelle takes out the earpiece and swallows it with her dessert.

Aaron, Amber, and Villanelle are playing Dixit. Confused by the rules of the game, Villanelle asks if the two of them always play games together. Aaron comments she has the mind of a five-year-old with all these questions. Amber tells him to stop being an asshole. Aaron finds it suspicious that she doesn't understand the rules to a children's game yet claims to have two philosophy degrees. He checked if that's true, which it turned out is the case, which is why he's puzzled with her whole faux ditz act. He asks her where she stands on Anselm's ontological argument.

Eve panics as Konstantin confirms there is no chance she read the file. She rapidly flips through a book and tells Villanelle to say she prefers the classic version.

Unable to hear her, Villanelle tells Aaron that it's boring. Aaron asks her about her favorite refutation.

Eve suggests Thomas Aquinas. Konstantin tells her she has taken her earpiece out.

Villanelle takes some time to answer as Aaron pressures her, ignoring Amber's pleas to stop berating her. He taunts Villanelle by asking her if she knows what ontological even means or how to spell it. He grabs her a philosophy book from the shelf and tells her to at least do some research if she's going to lie. Villanelle tells Aaron she understands him. He's a bully. She doesn't see the point of trying to have a conversation with someone like that. Her dad taught her that there is only one way to communicate with a bully. Aaron leans in and asks what his advice was. She then smacks him across the face with the philosophy book and leaves.

Eve panicks and asks what is going on. She wants to go out but Konstantin stops her and says Villanelle needs to cool off. Eve fears the operation is over.

Villanelle enters a kebab shop in the town centre. She is fascinated by the kebab. Two women come in and order chips with gravy. Villanelle stares at the dark-haired one as they pay. She leaves as the women count their money on the counter.

The women are enjoying their chips, unaware that Villanelle is following them. She follows them onto a bridge over the railways. The women hear some metalllic clangs and get scared. They pick up their pace. One of them drops her bag. Villanelle startles them by showing up in front of them but they are relieve to see her. They invite her to walk with them as that's probably safer. She accepts the invitation and smiles as they walk off.



Guest Starring[]

  • Geff Francis as John
  • Tom Scurr as Journalist
  • Nigel Betts as Quartermaster
  • Laura Bayston as Babs
  • Basienka Blake as Marie
  • Phil McKee as Iain
  • Cat Simmons as Carleen
  • Neil Ford as Man in Café
  • Emma Pierson as Gemma
  • Azaan Symes as Kebab Shop Man
  • Andrea Tivadar as Young Woman
  • Laura Karklina as Young Woman 2

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Jodie Comer won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her performance in this episode.


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