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Jamie Hayward is the CEO and founder of the Bitter Pill. He teams up with Eve Polastri to investigate Kenny's death and The Twelve.


Early Life[]

Jamie hired Kenny because he was an Internet whiz with a past at MI6 and integrity.

Meeting Eve[]

Jamie met Eve at Kenny's funeral and tried to get in touch with her but she was very defensive. He later overheard her asking Bear about Kenny and interfered. He introduced himself and told her to ask him her questions about Kenny but she left. Later, Jamie and Bear called Kenny's phone and correctly guessed that Eve had it, since the police had not found it at the office and she had been the last person to see him. They met up and Eve demanded to see the files that Kenny had been working on in exchange for returning the phone, which they wanted to see if there was anything on there that could prove that Kenny did not take his own life. Jamie agreed to the deal. Bear copied everything from the phone to a computer. They soon found some photos of Kenny and his girlfriend Audrey, Bitter Pill's receptionist, which didn't surprise Bear and Jamie. Bear said it would take a few days to decrypt the rest of the files on the phone. Eve was then told that the thumb drive containing Kenny's investigation was in police custody. She angrily took the phone and went to leave, though Jamie pointed out that her walking away from their impromptu investigation meant that she believed Kenny had actually taken his own life. While that was not true, she did leave with the phone.








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