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It illustrates standards of conduct which are widely accepted among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please use the forums to propose changes to this policy.

This Layout Guide outlines a standard that is intended to make Killing Eve Wiki consistent, clear, and precise. This guide will help editors learn which layout to use for an article. If you have any questions, please contact an admin.

All articles should have a top section that summarizes the subject of the article and the applicable infobox template if one exists. These are the clean layouts for each page. To find proper Templates, please visit the Template Guide.

Additional Guidelines:

Episodes Edit

See Nice Face as an example.
See episode templates here.
For episodes, the following layout should be used:

== Summary ==
== Plot ==
== Cast ==
=== Starring ===
=== Guest Starring ===
== Quotes ==
== Gallery ==
=== Pictures ===
=== Music ===
=== Video ===
== Notes and trivia ==
== See Also ==
== References ==

Characters Edit

See Eve Polastri as an example.
See Character templates here.
For characters, the following layout should be used:

== Background ==
== Significance in series ==
== Personality ==
== Physical appearance ==
== Quotes ==
== Gallery ==
== Notes and trivia ==
== References ==

Templates Edit

See Template Guide to see which templates belong on which articles.
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