Madame Tattevin was Villanelle's neighbor in Paris.


Early LifeEdit

Watching VillanelleEdit

In Paris, Villanelle exits the subway and walks to her apartment. She encounters her neighbor, Madame Tattevin, leaving the building and they exchange heated words.

After Villanelle has sex with her neighbor, Sebastian, she leaves his apartment carrying her dress and passes by Madame Tattevin who tells her, "good job."

Meeting Eve and DeathEdit

Eve heads to Villanelle's apartment in Paris. She runs into Villanelle's neighbor, Madame Tattevin, who knows Villanelle as "Julie." She mistakes Eve for someone who has been paying her to keep records on Villanelle and invites her in to show her all of Villanelle's comings and goings. Eve gives Madame Tattevin her phone number and asks her to text her when Villanelle returns. Eve leaves Madame Tattevin's apartment and tries to get into Villanelle's. Madame Tattevin offers up a key.

After Eve stabs Villanelle, she runs to the kitchen for a towel and Villanelle starts shooting at her. When Eve finally makes it back to the bedroom, Madame Tattevin stand there, informing Eve that Villanelle has left.

She was shot by The Twelve's Cleaners. They took her body and made it disappear.







  • It is not revealed whether Madame Tattevin was in the employ of The Twelve or if another party hired her to keep tabs on Villanelle.


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