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"Making Dead Things Look Nice" is the seventh episode of the fourth season and 31st overall episode of Killing Eve.


Eve takes on an even bigger revenge mission against The Twelve and realises she may need Villanelle's help. Villanelle has a dalliance with the new assassin. Carolyn's latest string of intel may lead her home.


Villanelle wakes up on Gunn's island and accompanies Gunn on a hunting trip. The two exchange stories and kiss. Gunn immediately becomes attached to Villanelle, but Villanelle rejects Gunn upon learning that she is still loyal to the Twelve, and attempts to leave the island. Gunn responds by chasing Villanelle with a machete.

Meanwhile, Eve is invited to karaoke by Yusuf, where she experiences flashbacks of her former husband and MI5 colleagues. Yusuf permanently leaves Eve after she tells him she can not move on from her past. Eve visits Martin for guidance, who advises her to connect with the people who truly understand her.

Eve receives a cryptic message on Hélène's phone and visits Konstantin, who tells her it is an announcement for a Twelve meeting. He advises her to bring Villanelle along with her and gives her the location of Gunn’s island. Pam visits Konstantin after Eve leaves, and kills Konstantin on Hélène's final orders. A dying Konstantin reveals Hélène's death to Pam and asks her to deliver a letter and love declaration to Carolyn.

Eve travels to Gunn's island and is immediately chased and tackled by a machete-wielding Gunn while Villanelle, who has hidden in the bushes, watches from nearby.



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