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Maria is the wife of Villanelle.


Early Life[]

Maria and Villanelle met shortly after the latter shot Eve Polastri in Rome. Villanelle came up to her at an airport and told her that she was going wherever Maria was going. They started dating and married after six months.


At her wedding, Maria gives a speech about how she and Villanelle first met, and initiates a toast. Villanelle stands up for her speech, largely focusing on Maria's wealth and luxurious life. She talks about her bad "break-up" before she met Maria, and how she is glad her ex is now dead, to the confusion of the wedding guests.

As Maria and Villanelle cut the cake, the latter spots Dasha Duzran in the doorway. Villanelle runs up to her and throws her on the ground, fighting her mentor and proclaiming that it is her special day. As they fight, chaos erupts in the room, and Maria begins crying. Villanelle and Dasha drive off the estate in a car decorated with "just married" decorations, and Maria is abandoned.




She married Villanelle after six months of dating. Unbeknownst to Maria, Villanelle was mainly attracted to Maria because of her wealth and luxurious lifestyle and used Maria to deal with being rejected by Eve in Rome.


She appears to have a rather large family.


Maria appears to be well-liked.


Nothing is known about Maria's professional life.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Writer Suzanne Heathcote commented she imagined that Maria was left heartbroken by Villanelle's departure, leaving the door open for a possible future appearance.[1]


Memorable Quotes[]



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