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"Meetings Have Biscuits" is the third episode of the third season and 18th overall episode of Killing Eve.


Villanelle agrees to a job which will take her back to London. Carolyn's Moscow contacts come in use when Eve and the Bitter Pill team unravel a potential lead to The Twelve. Konstantin finds himself under pressure from all sides.


Villanelle is posing as a piano tuner in a mansion in Andalusia. Isabel, the owner, asks her to be careful because that piano is expensive. Isabel then goes back upstairs and starts playing piano in her studio. Villanelle pulls out a tuning fork with a sharpened point and heads out to find Isabel. She sneaks up behind her and kills her by throwing the tuning fork, puncturing the back of her head. Isabel falls onto her piano. Villanelle then hears a baby crying through a baby monitor and a nanny singing to them.

She follows the sound and finds the baby room. The nanny sees her in the mirror, still holding the bloodied tuning fork. Villanelle taunts her a bit by deciding if she's going to kill the baby. The nanny begs for the baby's life, leading to Villanelle killing her with the tuning fork as well.

Carolyn is in her bath with Mo sitting by her side. The pathology report on Kenny came back. He was apparently absolutely fine until he hit the ground. Eve bursts in. Carolyn says she has her best ideas in the bath. Carolyn got the thumb drive back from the police. Jamie comes in, too, but Eve throws him out. She invited him before she knew the meeting was in a bathroom. Carolyn sits up and asks Mo to pass her a towel.

The four of them have sat down at the table downstairs. There's quite some tension in the air as Carolyn has no idea why Jamie is there. She thinks MI6 can handle analyzing the data. Jamie is not a fan of that old boys' network but she snaps back that his office doesn't exactly scream great insight into global politics. Eve breaks up their fight. From now on, they are sharing. Carolyn and Mo take the phone and she and Jamie will take the thumb drive. Geraldine comes in and comments that Eve just demonstrated more parenting than this household has ever seen.

Villanelle and Dasha are having lunch. Villanelle brought the baby girl. Villanelle is practising her characters like Dasha told her. Dasha points out she has been acting manic and erratic for days now. Villanelle just wants fun. Dasha is pressing the Twelve for better recruits after Villanelle's last managerial disaster. The baby throws food at Dasha, who picks her up and dumps her in a trash can while Villanelle laughs. Dasha refuses to have Villanelle put both their futures at risk. No one else is willing to handle Villanelle. Dasha says jobs will get tougher and the Twelve won't let her get away with being sloppy. She hands Villanelle the postcard for her next assignment, which is in London. Villanelle refuses, claiming it's too soon. Dasha points out London doesn't need much preparation and Villanelle agrees to take the job. Both of them ignore the worried people that have gathered around the trash can.

Eve has taken over Kenny's desk at Bitter Pill. Bear has found the financial data on the thumb drive. Eve is playing with Kenny's Rubik's cube. Bear says all the accounts are in different locations. Bear figures one of them must have meant something to Kenny. Eve points out one account on the list that looks different. It's called R-U-R'-U2-F'. Bear figures out it's a code to Kenny's Rubik's cube. He plays with it a bit and then finds the letters PANDA written on one side.

They take it to Jamie. Eve informs them that she and Kenny were looking into an international organization that has infiltrated governments and organizations all over the world and is responsible for a significant amount of international murders. Fat Panda was a Chinese intelligence officer killed in Berlin. He was tracking a double agent for the Twelve, Frank Haleton, who was being paid from a bank account in the Cayman Islands. It went dormant after Frank was killed but Kenny apparently found it was active again. Three transfers in the last few months totaling just over six million euros with the remaining balance moved to an account in Geneva with a yet-unknown owner. Eve says they need MI6's help, much to Jamie's dismay.

Eve has informed Mo on the bank account. Mo is tired of having to work his regular MI6 job whilst moonlighting for Carolyn. Eve tells him he should quit now if he can't handle a tough job. Mo says he'll see what he can do and hands her a file with people they think are on the hit list. Mo has been going through the MI6 case files she and Kenny were working on. He really thinks Eve needs some kind of protection. Eve says no good things happen to people protected by MI6.

Konstantin enters a building to meet with "Charles Kruger," an accountant.

Inside, he and Sergei share some vodka. Sergei talks about them having grown old now. His son is graduating. Konstantin wants to get to business. Sergei tells him somebody's been siphoning money from the Geneva account. He managed to retrieve what was left but six million was already gone. Sergei will find the person responsible. Konstantin will make some calls to see what he can find out. Sergei really wants the money. He asks Konstantin to tide him over until he finds the scoundrel. Konstantin agrees. Sergei hugs him and asks him about Irina, whom Konstantin says is still shit. Konstantin leaves.

Villanelle arrives in Mayfair, London. She halts at a perfumery. Inside, she tells the perfumiere that she wants to smell powerful, like a Roman centurion who's coming across an old foe who hurt him greatly in battle once, but since then, the Roman centurion has become emperor and is now powerful beyond measure.

Geraldine tells Carolyn it's great she is letting people in. Carolyn is preparing for a date. Geraldine is proud of her for trying something new and getting out of her comfort zone. Carolyn already regrets having told her it's a date. Still, Geraldine is happy she's doing something for herself, which Kenny wanted for her, too. As Carolyn leaves, Geraldine warns her not to bring up Stalin on the first date.

Carolyn has been stood up but as she's leaving the bar, she recognizes Henrik among a group of drinking men. They haven't seen each other in 20 years. Carolyn tells him she has been stood up. He invites her to go get something to eat and ditches his friends.

Over dinner, Carolyn tells Henrik that the years have been treating him well. She asks about his work at the bank in Geneva as she enjoys financial gossip.

The next morning, Mo and Eve find her suffering from a massive hangover. The official line is "migraine." Carolyn found out the account is owned by a 92 year old sugar beet farmer in East Anglia, who died nine years ago. The real owner is Charles Kruger, born Sergei Korchmarev in East Berlin. Carolyn knows him from back in the day. He disappeared from Russia in 1989 and later showed up in London as amiable accountant Charles Kruger. He could be the accountant for the Twelve. He is definitely worth a visit, but Carolyn is sure he won't talk to somebody he doesn't know. Eve reminds her this operation is different. Carolyn gets up to get a shower and comments it's not fun to use people you once loved. Mo and Eve think she actually enjoys it.

Villanelle enters a toy shop where an employee asks her if she wants to make a talking bear. Villanelle gets in the recording booth. She records "I should have shot you in the head," and "I should have shot you in the head and watched you die," but deletes those before admitting "I can't stop thinking about you."

Eve is at Niko's rehab. An employee is surprised to see her and informs her that Niko discharged himself last week. He was doing very well. He didn't leave Eve a note or forwarding address. Valerie doesn't want to say. Eve says she's still his wife. Valerie admits he said something about Poland.

A numbed Eve is walking down the street.

On the bus, she texts Niko again to ask him to call her. All of her texts so far have been ignored. Suddenly, Eve sees Villanelle standing in front of her. Eve attacks her while Villanelle says she's not here for Eve. Eventually, Villanelle pins her down and asks Eve to smell her. Instead, Eve leans in and kisses her. Eve then gives her a headbutt. Villanelle gets off the bus as Eve recovers. With her forehead bruised, Villanelle watches Eve as the bus drives off. She appears fascinated. Eve sits down with a bloody nose and bruised forehead, confused over her own actions.

Eve enters the Bitter Pill office. The employees notice her disheveled appearance. As she sits down, she says she doesn't want to talk about it.

Carolyn and Mo park their car with a perfect view of Charles's office building. Mo wonders why they're not just going in. Carolyn says inside, they are trapped; while out here, he's accountable. A police officer on a motorcycle is parked behind them.

Jamie has invited Eve into his office. He asks what happened but she remains coy. He just wants to know it has nothing to do with what they're working on. Eve tells him that there is this assassin who works for the Twelve.

Carolyn gets out of the car as she sees Sergei leaving the building. As soon as he sees her, he runs off. Carolyn orders Mo to follow him but Mo points Sergei has already stopped running due to his poor physical condition. As the car takes off, so does Villanelle, disguised as a police officer.

The car pulls up next to a coughing Sergei. In Russian, Carolyn offers him a lift.

Eve tells Jamie that Villanelle isn't here for her. She wonders who else the Twelve would want dead aside from her. She quickly figures out it's Carolyn as the Twelve must be aware that they have found their accountant.

Villanelle is tailing Carolyn's car. Sergei refuses to answer any of Carolyn's questions. She brings up his son's graduation next month. Carolyn declines a call from Eve.

Eve tries to call Mo.

Carolyn shares what she thinks happens when Sergei swapped the Stasi for HMRC. She thinks he accepted a job from the Twelve like the money-grabbing bottom-feeder that he is.

Mo doesn't pick up either, frustrating Eve.

Villanelle uses her siren to make the car pull over. Mo urges everyone to look innocent. As Villanelle walks up to the car, Carolyn sees a text from Eve warning her that Villanelle is coming for her. At that exact moment, Carolyn looks up and sees Villanelle pointing her gun. She pulls the trigger.

Villanelle drives off, leaving behind the car with a hole in the window on Carolyn's side. Mo looks and sees blood on Carolyn's head. He thinks she's dead but she opens her eyes. The bullet just grazed her forehead. The two of them turn around and find Sergei shot in the head in the backseat.

In her hotel room, Villanelle watches a news report on Isabel's baby being reunited with her father. She notices how happy the father looks.

A shaken up and bloodied Carolyn comes home. Geraldine awkwardly hugs her. Carolyn claims she's fine. She asks Geraldine to pour her a whiskey.

Eve is sitting in a bus stop by herself. The bus pulls over but she doesn't get on.

Konstantin gets in his bed. Hidden under the covers, Villanelle scares him by suddenly screaming. He yells at her. He wants to go to sleep because he has a busy day tomorrow as he has to find six million euros. Villanelle says that won't happen, not even if he were to sell both of his kidneys. The Twelve own every piece of him anyway. Villanelle wonders if she was a cute baby that made people smile with joy. Konstantin ignores her. Villanelle tells him he's more boring than that accountant she just shot. She keeps annoying Konstantin until he tells her she was ugly as hell as a baby. She had a strange head. He's seen a picture. She asks him who she was with in the picture. He claims he doesn't remember. Villanelle wants to find her family. She makes Konstantin smell her. She's wearing power. To keep power, she needs knowledge. She asks Konstantin to find her family for her. He goes to sleep on the couch.

Eve comes home. Something feels off to her but no one's there. She lies down on the bed and is startled by Villanelle's voice repeatedly telling her "Admit it, Eve. You wish I was here." Eve finds a teddy bear hidden under the covers. Whilst panicking, Eve tears open the bear and pulls out the heart-shaped sound device. Eve keeps hitting the button as she brings the device to her ear and closes her eyes.



Guest Starring[]

  • Eulàlia Ballart as Pianist
  • Elisabeth Bonjour as Nanny
  • Ayoola Smart as Audrey
  • Dominic Mafham as Charles Kruger
  • Don Gallagher as Parfumier
  • Alex Hanson as Henrik
  • Ryan Donaldson as Barman
  • Charlotte Gosling as Toy Shop Assistant
  • Esther Hall as Valerie
  • Arnau Gol as Pianist's Husband

Murders and Investigations[]


Song Performer Scene
"A La Nanita" Elisabeth Bonjour
  • The nanny sings to the baby.
"Calor" Conchita Velasco
  • Villanelle kills the nanny.
"Balumba" Anilza Leoni
  • Carolyn is stood up at the bar.
"Teddy Bear's Picnic" Henry Hall
  • Villanelle browses a toy store.
"Strange Effect" Unloved feat. Raven Violet
  • Eve and Villanelle have a tense encounter on the bus.
"Unloved Heart" Unloved
  • Carolyn and Mo pick up Sergei, unaware that Villanelle is tailing them.

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Eve: Kenny and I were looking into an international organ... But before I go on, you have to understand that once I tell you about them, your lives are in danger.
Jamie: Then don't tell u...
Eve: They're called The Twelve and they've infiltrated governments and organizations all over the world. We don't know what their end game is but we do know they've been responsible for a significant amount of international murders.

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