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"Oh Goodie, I'm The Winner" is the sixth episode of the fourth season and 30th overall episode of Killing Eve.


Eve and Villanelle reunite before parting to pursue their own missions, which leads Villanelle to another assassin in the Twelve. Eve moves closer to achieving her revenge mission, and Carolyn is forced to face a ghost from her past.


Villanelle survives the attack; her injuries are treated by Eve, Konstantin and Pam. Konstantin speculates that Gunn, a Twelve assassin from Scotland who was also trained by Konstantin, is behind the attack. An unsuspecting Villanelle later meets Gunn, who slips her a note stating that she was ordered to kill Villanelle by Hélène but chose to spare her, and that Hélène is currently in a hotel in Berlin.

Eve travels to Berlin after being told by Villanelle that Carolyn and Lars are currently there, but only finds Hélène and follows her to her hotel room. Villanelle, who was already hiding in the hotel room, kills Hélène in front of Eve. Still upset with Eve for having her arrested, Villanelle abandons Eve. She leaves for Scotland to meet Gunn after being given her location by Konstantin.

Eve tracks down Carolyn and confronts her outside Lars' cabin near Berlin. Carolyn tells Eve she is not part of the Twelve and that she is only there to get information out of Lars. To Carolyn's disappointment, Eve storms into the cabin and kills Lars. Carolyn searches Lars' body to find a notebook.

Villanelle arrives at the remote Scottish island where Gunn lives. She meets Gunn and asks if she can stay with her.



Guest Starring[]

  • Robert Gilbert as Yusuf
  • Anjana Vasan as Pam
  • Ingvar Sigurdsunn as Lars
  • Marie-Sophie Ferdane as Gunn

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Unloved- Mother’s Been a Bad Girl

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