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Rhian Bevan[1] was a minor antagonist of the third season of Killing Eve, as well as an assassin, working for The Twelve.


Early Life[]

Nothing is known about Rhian's early life. At some point, she was recruited for The Twelve.

Murdering Mo[]

Mo was walking down a pathway at a park, leaving Carolyn a voicemail about having found proof on a connection between Paul and the Twelve. Unbeknownst to him, Rhian was waiting for him at the park and followed him as he wrapped up the voicemail. She attacked him and drowned him in the river running through the park, leaving his body there. It was soon discovered though no connection to Rhian was made.


After mocking Villanelle in a train station, and threating to hurt her, Villanelle attacked Rhian, easily overpowering her. This caused Rhian to stumble backwards in the direction of the train track. Despite Rhian's pleas not to, Villanelle kicks her onto the tracks, and her long coat is caught onto them. As she attempts to get up, whilst mumbling in pain, a oncoming train turns the corner. With Villanelle watching, Rhian is crushed and torn to pieces by the train, and Villanelle unknowingly avenges Mo.


She was a cold and ruthless assassin, much like Villanelle.



She took direct orders from Hélène.


Rhian was an assassin for The Twelve. Hélène likened her skills to Villanelle's and was eyeing her as a replacement when Villanelle stopped killing.

Her only known victim is Mo Jafari.

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  1. Last name revealed in Just Dunk Me.