Sebastian is a character in Killing Eve.

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Sebastian lives in Paris in the same building as Villanelle and Madame Tattevin

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"I'll Deal with Him Later" Edit

In Paris, Villanelle returns to her apartment and passes by one of her neighbors, Sebastian, digging through the trash looking for his TV remote. He comments on her bruised eye and she waves it off and enters her apartment.

Villanelle runs on a treadmill when her doorbell rings. It is Sebastian with some Arnica for her bruised eye. She invites him out with her. They eat ice cream and walk before they go back to Sebastian's apartment where they have sex. Villanelle leaves his apartment carrying her dress and passes by Madame Tattevin who tells her, "good job."

Villanelle returns home to find Konstantin threatening to cut her allowance in half for assassinating de Mann. Sebastian interrupts them and Konstantin pretends to be Villanelle's brother. Sebastian wants to smell the perfume Villanelle was working on but she tells him she will bring it to him later. He gives her a thumb drive as a gift and, as he is leaving, spots the perfume bottle and takes it with him. As Villanelle pops a champagne cork, they hear a thump outside and open the door to find Sebastian dead.

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Eve checks her voicemail and hears a message from Elena that a young man (Sebastian) was found dead at an apartment in Paris with the same chemical in his system that killed Carla De Mann.

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