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"Still Got It" is the fourth episode of the third season and 20th overall episode of Killing Eve.


Eve is trying to patch up things with Niko. Villanelle receives good news about her upcoming promotion but can't shake the feeling there's still something missing from her life. Dasha seeks a solution to Villanelle's erratic behavior.



Niko gets out of his truck to enjoy the sunlight. He takes a selfie and greets passing mountainbikers in Polish.

He arrives in a small village. The quiet scenery makes him smile. He drops by Melina's house to deliver bread. He tells her the job is only temporary. She's glad he's home.

In a bar, the bartender gets Niko another beer. Other people in the bar are watching a soccer game. He gets another message from Eve trying to get him to reply. He puts down his phone and is pulled into the football supporters' celebration.


Eve wakes up on a couch in the Bitter Pill office. She hides the sleeping bag.

While brushing her teeth in the bathroom, she smells her T-shirt and tries to freshen it up a bit. She's watching her bruised face in the mirror when Niko finally replies to her message, saying he's willing to listen if she wants to talk. As she's typing up a reply, Audrey comes in while on a phone call. Eve leaves the room.

While Eve's eating Coco Pops at Bear's desk, Audrey leaves Jamie's office while he's on an important phone call. Bear asks Eve to move from his desk. He sits down and she pulls up a chair. He points out she's also eating his cereal. She asks about the money trail. With Kruger dead, they are back to square one. She thinks there must be a connection in the other kills. Bear checks some other files and is disgusted by Eve's smell as she puts her hair up. Eve thinks there is something familiar about the spice kill. Bear then points out there panties coming out of her trousers. She tosses them in Bear's bin and tells him to look up murders in the Soviet area in the early '80s concerning Olympics or sports team. Audrey comes over to have Eve sign for a package. It's a cake from a bakery. Bear announces to the office that it's her birthday. She picks up the cake and leaves.

Eve has taken the cake up to the roof. She cautiously opens the box. It's a cake shaped like a bus, wishing her a happy birthday. She picks it up and tosses it off the roof. Jamie joins her on the roof and asks her what it was like to wake up in the office on her big day. He can't have her sleeping in the office. She claims she can find something else. He asks her where.

Jamie has taken Eve to his home and shows her to his kids' room. She didn't know he had dependents. She sits down on the bottom bunk bed.

That night, she and Jamie enjoy take-out in the front of the TV. She is awaiting a reply from Niko. He asks if she likes to have fun. She is not sure that she even knows how to anymore. He scoffs. She says he doesn't know what it's like when you have chosen to destroy your own life. He mentions his own checkered past, starting a weird competition of who's the worst. She says she cheated on her husband, which led to him ending up in the hospital with PTSD. Jamie took his kid to the zoo while high on ketamine. Eve stabbed someone. Jamie had a GBH charge when he was only 18. Eve left a man to die so she could save a psychopath. Jamie's friend died on the drugs that he gave him. Jamie concludes life is all about choices. They drink to that.

Eve is lying awake as the toilet flushes down the hall. She finds a teddy bear in the bed and asks it what it wants from her. She then receives the selfie Niko took in the morning.

The next morning at the office, Eve stares at the splattered cake in the parking lot. Bear calls her over and shows her Dasha's 1974 chalk kill. No one was convicted for it. Jamie asks how this is relevant. She says it's the same kill as the spice kill. Their current assassin copied the 1974 murderer, so this killer might lead them to the Twelve. Eve is distracted as she receives more texts from Niko. Jamie is not sure how they can find the culprit for a murder that happened over 40 years ago. Eve packs her stuff and says she has to go, telling Jamie it's all about choices.

A taxi drops her off in the small village in Poland. She walks onto the farm property and greets Niko, who is fixing up a barn door.


Konstantin is navigating the Moscow traffic. He parks outside Irina's school and watches as her stepfather drops her off, messing up her hair before sending her in.

Konstantin finds Irina inside and says they are sneaking off together. She calls him a name and leaves with him.

While strolling outside, Konstantin asks Irina how her stepfather can afford a German car. He's an oil company exec. Irina wants to stay with her father tonight but he has to be back in England. He finds England terrible but it's his job to do terrible things. She knows he might be pretending to work for the FSB or MI6 but really, he's just working for himself. It's only a matter of time before they all catch up to him and then he'll be dead and she'll be even more alone and miserable than she is now. Irina wants Konstantin to have a plan.

Back in England, Konstantin visits Charles' widow. Bertha tells him Charles sent her an odd e-mail. She thinks he wrote it in a hurry. It said something about a lot of money going missing and his having figured out who stole it, asking her to forward an e-mail to someone in case something happened to him. The e-mail had a file attached to it. Bertha fears he got mixed up in something awful. She hasn't sent the e-mail yet because she doesn't know what to do. Konstantin tells her to send him the file and then they'll get her somewhere safe. Bertha brings up their holiday house.

Konstantin finds Villanelle in Barcelona. He declines a call from Irina and sneaks up on Villanelle.


Villanelle is stirring frosting while dancing along to loud music. She has been baking a cake. "So not over me," she says to herself. The door bell rings.

Dasha walks in while Villanelle returns to decorating her cake. It looks terrible. Dasha affirms it tastes terrible, too. While Dasha starts cleaning up, she asks Villanelle about London. Villanelle claims she took a Jack the Ripper walking tour. Dasha knows she's lying. Villanelle admits she saw Konstantin. Dasha reminds her she has to play by the rules if she wants to get ahead. Dasha desperately wants to save Villanelle from herself. She says the Twelve want to meet with her to discuss her new contract. Villanelle is happy to hear she is finally getting promoted. Dasha tells her to rest in the meantime, get an ombre balayage, and stay put. Once she's gone, Villanelle does a victory dance and throws the cake in the bin.

Villanelle is shopping in the streets of Barcelona. She's looking at a beautiful woman inside a fashion store when Konstantin startles her. He stops her from entering the store and takes her somewhere they can talk.

They are on the Montjuïc Cable Car. Villanelle taunts Konstantin by jumping up and down. She wonders if Konstantin is upset that she'll be his boss soon. He scoffs at this, saying she won't be his boss. Konstantin wonders why she's in such a good mood. She confesses it's Eve's birthday. He thinks having shot her and ruined her marriage should be enough. Konstantin tells her that Niko is in Poland. He then hands Villanelle information about her family. She gets the hiccups. He will find out where her family is if she does something personal for him, off the record. He wants her to be efficient.

Villanelle is posing as a gardener at Bertha and Charles' vacation home in Lyon. Bertha comes out and asks her to be careful with the roses as Charles was very attached to them. She apologizes as she cries over his death. Villanelle tells Bertha she's free to be whoever she wants now. But she doesn't want to be free, she wants to be a family. Bertha hugs her as Villanelle stares at the garden shears in her hand. Noticing her hiccups, Bertha screams at her to scare the hiccups away. It hasn't worked. Villanelle tells her to try again. Bertha starts chasing her while screaming. Villanelle plays along for a while until they arrive in the greenhouse, where she pulls Bertha closer with a hose and then strangles her with it. Villanelle, still with the hiccups, calls Konstantin to tell him it's done.


Carolyn shuts off her alarm at 5 a.m. The sound of frogs is loud. She opens the curtains.

Downstairs, she runs into Geraldine in the kitchen, ignoring her greeting.

She meets with Paul for breakfast. He has ordered champagne as an olive branch. He admits he was tone deaf. In the light of everything that has happened, he feels embarrassed. Carolyn says they could have avoided the death of an innocent man if she had been given the proper authority from the start. Paul says Kruger wasn't innocent as he was embezzling money. Carolyn says he was up to his eyebrows in debt; his actions were not those of a man having six million lying around. She is pretty sure he was framed but she has been told to stay away from all this. Paul asks her what she needs. Had something happened to Carolyn, he would have been partly responsible, which he takes seriously. Losing his husband in the divorce set him into a grief of its own, so he understands loss. Carolyn wants her office back.

Carolyn's in a cab. She's surprised to see Konstantin on the sidewalk.

Back at home, Geraldine wonders why she's home so early. Carolyn wonders what to with herself being at home in the daytime. Geraldine says her friend Lily from university visited. As Carolyn heads upstairs, Geraldine starts sobbing and sinks to her knees. She feels lost. Carolyn barely looks at her and Geraldine is worried about her, carrying on like nothing happened. Carolyn says she's doing more for Kenny than she can imagine. Geraldine wants her to let her in on whatever she's doing, but Carolyn only tells her they'll need to learn to respect each other's privacy and grief if they are going to cohabit. Carolyn goes to lie down.

In her bedroom, she turns on a recording of frog croaking and lies down. She puts a pillow over her head.


Dasha is swimming. She takes a break to smoke a cigarette. A woman walks up to the edge of the pool.

They lie down on sun beds. The woman, Hélène, thought Dasha had everything under control but Villanelle was running around London, pursuing her agent friend, Eve. Dasha says Villanelle is just a little skittish because of all the changes. She claims she has it all in hand. Hélène tells Dasha that she cannot return to Russia until they allow her to. "Skittish" is not acceptable. Before leaving, Hélène tells Dasha to get Villanelle working without this extracurricular crap. Dasha offers to kill Eve but Hélène says that would cause too many other problems. She just has to drive a wedge between Eve and Villanelle.

Niko arrives at Milena's farm. A disguised Dasha is there. She claims Milena had to go to the hospital for her appendix and asked "Magda" to look after her home and her favorite bread man. Niko puts down the bread and Dasha asks him to fix the barn door. He promises to drop by after his rounds tomorrow.

After he's left, she feeds the chickens. The piggies have been eating Milena's corpse.

Dasha is watching Niko from a corner in the bar. She watches as he receives a message from Eve. After he's pulled off his stool by the supporters, she grabs his phone and disappears to text Eve. She invites her to come to Poland to talk. She sends the selfie again, this time adding that Eve is the only thing missing from his life.

The next day, Niko is fixing up the barn door. Dasha ties a note reading "Still got it" to a pitchfork. She hears a car arrive out front and runs off, disappearing into the barn. Eve walks onto the property while Dasha sneaks around the barn. She hears Eve greeting Niko. After Niko, not looking pleased to see her, waves at her, Dasha runs up to him and drives the pitchfork through his neck while remaining out of Eve's sight. Horrified, Eve sinks to her knees as she watches him die.


Villanelle gets off a train, anxious to finally see her family.



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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Contrary to other episodes, which usually follow a mere chronological approach, this episode features a character-based approach.
  • The scenes taking place in Poland were filmed in the Romanian village Viscri.
  • The plates on Niko's truck are supposed to be Polish but they are fake as they don't follow the Polish system of plates. The first three letters are KZW. In the Polish system, a first letter "K" says the car is from the Małopolskie voivodeship. However, the next two letters, which define which county a car is registered to, are made up as no county using "ZW" exists.


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