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"The Hungry Caterpillar" is the third episode of the second season and 11th overall episode of Killing Eve.


Villanelle's new circumstances are looking bleak. Eve makes a dangerous deal with an old acquaintance. Villanelle is surprised when she is approached by a figure from her past.


Eve accepts a drink from Konstantin and sits down. They quietly drink for a moment until Eve asks Konstantin what Carolyn gave him. MI6 are protecting his family. They don't know he's alive. He advises Eve to leave Villanelle alone. She's a parasite who eats you up to make space for herself, like The Hungry Caterpillar. Konstantin points out he has no reason to lie. If she thinks Villanelle loves her, she should make her hate her. Hate is manageable for Villanelle but she loves people to death.

In London, a disguised Villanelle approaches Greg Richardson at his place for work. She claims she read an article about him in The Economist. She asks for internships at the company but he mostly ignores her as he gets to the elevator. She brings up looking for a birthday gift her for her father as he gets on the elevator. She admires his tie, which she identifies as a fake. She then pulls on his tie as the doors close. She holds on as the elevator takes off, strangling Greg inside. She then makes a swift exit with a smile on her face.

Eve brings Niko breakfast in bed. He's suspicious of her motives but appreciates the effort. Since he can't identify the food, he goes to kiss her. They make out for a bit until she stops to leave for work.

Villanelle enters a bleak hotel in Paddington. She repeatedly rings the bell at reception. The receptionist hands her the key to her suite, one of her company's usual suites, as well as a letter. She notices a bottle of vodka next to his cup of coffee as she opens the letter, which says "Stay in your room. Raymond."

Villanelle is inspecting semen stains on her bed as Raymond walks in. She claims the murder was boring and discreet like he asked. She made it look like an accident and moved the cameras. She feels like he wants her to fail. He thinks she'll do that all on her own now that she's sloppy seconds. He informs her there is a new girl in town. She's glad he hired another killer to pic up the slack. Raymond says she doesn't work for them. If Eve and her MI6 team don't find her first, Villanelle is out of a job. Villanelle pieces together that they want to make her kills look like the other assassin's, though she's confident Eve will be able to tell the difference. Raymond quips that it looks like Eve is not thinking about her at all. He throws Villanelle her reward money and leaves Villanelle fuming. She grabs a flyer from her pocket and calls St. Theobald School, pretending to be a little girl making a complaint about one of their teachers.

Jess has added Greg's murder to their board. He was a hedge funder putting together a huge new fund, which they assume would have served to buy the Peel Company. Eve says it hardly looks like an accident though not entirely Villanelle's style. Hugo suggests Villanelle and The Ghost are working together but Eve dismisses the theory. She inquires about the Peel Company. Jess says they sell everything you've ever looked at and done online.

The receptionist brings Villanelle many bags with clothing. She tells him charge the card attached to her room to pay for them.

Jess got off the phone with Pharaday, the Peels's UK company. They put her through to an intern in the legal department, which makes her think they are used to being above the government. Jess asks Eve to call Carolyn for a favor. Eve asks Jess if Carolyn recruited her. Jess confirms; right out of uni, where she studied Arabic.

At St. Theobald's School, Villanelle observes Niko chatting with his colleagues. She notices how a female teacher gets a little handsy with him as they talk in private.

Eve comes home and finds Niko in a suit. He tells her they have to leave. She forgot about drinks at his school. He ask her to put on something slutty to make up for forgetting for the third time in a row. He leaves to go help set up and she promises to meet him there.

Villanelle crafts a necklace.

As Eve heads to the school, a disguised Villanelle follows her from a distance. Raymond intercepts Eve to ask her for directions. As Eve walks off, Raymond directly looks at Villanelle, forcing her to go back.

Eve finds Niko talking to Gemma, the teacher, at the school. She takes off her coat, revealing the blue dress she bought online. Niko introduces her to Gemma, who comments she's beautiful and hugs her. Gemma says all teachers have begun teasing Niko about his imaginary wife as they had never seen her before. Gemma says Niko is adored by his colleagues and students and assures Eve that no one buys into those complaints. Eve is confused. Niko explains a prank caller has made mad complaints. He didn't want Eve to worry about it. After some awkward silence, Gemma makes an excuse and leaves. Eve thinks Gemma has a thing for him, which surprises her. Eve asks Niko to show her his classroom.

Villanelle has made her way into the school after all and finds Gemma smoking in the stairwell. She sits down with her and asks for a smoke. Villanelle asks her if the math teacher is her boyfriend. Gemma says he's not because he's married, sadly. Villanelle knows exactly how she feels.

Over dinner, Konstantin and Carolyn are laughing about a story about her third husband. Konstantin asks how long they're going to play house. She invites him to try his luck until the next safe house becomes available. He inquires about his family. She refuses to tell him as it would compromise them. She seriously says she would be fine never seeing Kenny again if she knew he were alright. She has always been careful about loving her kid. He begs her to tell him. She tells him not to ask again.

Gemma tells Villanelle that she wonders why Niko is still married to his wife, who barely notices him. Villanelle suggests Niko needs a little push and advises her to flatter Niko to make him doubt his marriage. She admits it's manipulative, which is why it works. She points out Gemma might die alone surrounded by cats if she does nothing. Gemma lights her cigarette.

Eve is seducing Niko in his classroom. He pulls her in for a kiss. As he kisses her neck, she notices an apple on his desk.

A clueless Niko follows Eve as she walks down the hallway. She triggers the fire alarm.

Everyone evacuates the building. Niko thinks she's overreacting over an ordinary apple. Eve is looking around to see if she can spot Villanelle but there is no sign of her. Niko hates how she made the one she came to support him about her job. A woman announces it was false alarm. He tells her he doesn't want her here. He asks Gemma to wait up and tells Eve to go home. He then heads back in. A disguised Villanelle appears behind Eve, nearly stroking her hair before disappearing again. Eve turns around seconds later.

That night, Eve is sitting in a chair in the bedroom while Niko is having a nightmare about things not being alphabetized.

Eve arrives first at the office in the morning. She finds a lipstick in her bag. It's named "Love in an elevator no. 5."

Eve waits for Kenny outside the bathroom. She shows him the lipstick and its name. He understands Villanelle is behind this. Eve asks Kenny to find out where Konstantin's family are. She needs some leverage. Kenny refuses. Eve points out the small window of opportunity they have but he stands by his decision. She blurts out that his mother is not to be trusted and that he works for her. She orders him to go find her the address. He reluctantly complies.

In her hotel room, Villanelle answers a call from Raymond. She claims she has not spent any money. She is not amused and hangs up, after which she disconnects the phone and goes to admire a new pair of pants.

Eve drops by Carolyn's house to talk to Konstantin. She tells him Villanelle is in London and offers to tell him where his family are in exchange for his telling her where in London the Twelve keep their assets. Konstantin points out she's making a mistake. She disagrees and shows him the envelope. He promises he'll do his best to find out which place she's staying at. He'll call her when he knows.

Wearing a new outfit, Villanelle greets Larry as she enters the hotel. He tells her the hotel has a new guest. She thanks him for informing her. She appears anxious as she makes her way to the elevator. As she gets on, she grabs a knife from her pocket.

Eve receives a call from Konstantin. She writes down the address.

Villanelle arrives on her floor. She cautiously makes her way to her room and hears violin music. The door to her room is open. Konstantin appears in the doorway. She runs up to him and hugs him tightly rather than stabbing him. She says she aimed to make sure her bullet wouldn't kill her. He knows she was aiming for his heart. She points out that's nice and clean like he taught her and apologizes. He asks about her working without him. She claims she loves Raymond. Konstantin says Raymond is the person who terminates contracts. Konstantin has a car outside but Villanelle refuses to come with. He tells her he informed MI6 about her location. She thinks that's bullshit.

Downstairs, Jess and Eve arrive with armed officers.

Villanelle tells Konstantin there is not enough money in freelance. He argues that she would be her own boss with his contracts. They would be partners. He points out her other choices are being shot by the police or Raymond. Outside, they hear the police. Through the peephole, she says how they barge into a room down the hall.

Eve and Jess look around in the room. They think they missed her. Eve is disappointed and frustrated. She then hears Villanelle laughing and heads towards the door at the end of the hall. Villanelle is excited to see her approaching. Eve puts her hand on the door, unknowingly touching the same spot as Villanelle on the other side. Eve can hear her breathing. She calls for the officers but by the time they have kicked open the door, Konstantin and Villanelle have disappeared. Hugo and Jess watch as she screams in frustration and drinks a small bottle from the mini bar. Hugo wonders how Villanelle knew they were coming.

Eve and Kenny have informed Carolyn on what happened. Konstantin has left. Carolyn sends Kenny out of the room. Carolyn tells Eve not to ever go behind her back again. Eve takes up a disproportionate amount of her time, which is very valuable to her. She tells Eve to stick to her side now that Konstantin and Villanelle have chosen theirs. She wants Eve to find The Ghost and to wrap up the Peel case.

As she heads out, Eve apologizes to Kenny. He thought she was different from his mother and the others. She assures him that she is. She wants to tell him why she's doing this but she can't put it into words.

Villanelle and Konstantin are driving. She sings along to the radio. He turns it off but she makes him turn it back on. She writes "Help!" on the window. He points out it's no good idea to attract attention. Villanelle asks if Eve asked about her. He replies Eve is more interested in this new woman. Villanelle knows he's lying. Konstantin maintains that Eve talks about The Ghost a lot and tells Villanelle not to be jealous. She tells him to turn the radio off. He says he likes it.

At home, Eve remembers the lipstick. She puts it on and ends up cutting her lip on the knife hidden inside. She caresses the cut as she stares at herself in the mirror.



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  • Simon Thorp as Greg Richardson
  • Nickolas Grace as Larry
  • Emma Pierson as Gemma

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