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The Twelve, also known as Dozen Incorporated, is an organisation that uses assassins to commit murders. Villanelle was unaware that she was a part of it.  The Twelve are the main antagonists of Killing Eve. They are an organisation lead by twelve unseen individuals who use assassins to eliminate certain individuals across Europe. According to Frank Haleton, their primary objective is to spread chaos, but this still remains uncertain.

Known Members[]


Lars Meier - Original Founder

Paul Bradwell- MI6 officer

Hélène - Assassin recruiter




  • Jerome - Psychiatrist
  • Frank Haleton - MI5 informant
  • Charles Kruger - Accountant
  • Rustem Zimmel - FSB informant

Notes and trivia[]

  • In "Nice and Neat", Villanelle jaknelle calls for an extraction, using the code name "Cher Horowitz" and stating that she failed her driving test.
  • The Ghost was initially thought to be an assassin for the Twelve, however, she was hired by Alister Peel's son, Aaron Peel, who is selling a weapon the Twelve are interested in buying.
  • According to Kenny, the Twelve use the name because it is a powerful number, 12 months of the year, 12 disciples and 12 days of Christmas. It is later revealed that the name is based off of the original founders