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"You're Mine" is the eight episode and season finale of the second season and 16th overall episode of Killing Eve.


Eve's mission is disastrously compromised. Carolyn briefs Eve on her current status as an employee of the British government and leaves Eve's future in her own hands. Villanelle does everything she can in order to get to her ultimate target.


Early in the morning, Villanelle wanders around the palazzo. She finds Aaron's control room and discovers footage of herself in her room. She browses around and finds footage of another girl being murdered in the room by Aaron.

Villanelle sits down with Aaron for breakfast. She says she slept well.

Hugo returns with coffee. Eve asks Hugo to call Jess and update her. He leaves so she can get back to her girlfriend. Eve hears Villanelle asking Aaron if they are going out today. He says they are as soon as he's done.

Aaron is digging up dirt on the prospective buyers that are coming by today. He shows her a picture of Raymond. Villanelle tells him that he's a weird-looking "gentleman".

Alarmed by her use of the safe word, she goes to get Hugo but she hears a gunshot out in the hall. She watches through the peephole but only sees an empty hallway. As she goes to open the door, she hears footsteps approaching. She quickly hides under the bed right before the door is busted open. She watches a man enter and look around the room. He takes a call and leaves. She crawls out from under the bed and heads out into the hallway. Hugo is bleeding on the floor. He played dead. Eve has him press down on his wound. She says she'll have the people downstairs call an ambulance and runs off despite his pleas not to leave him.

However, there is no one at the reception. The phone isn't working. She leaves a note, asking to call an ambulance for a man who was shot on the third floor. She sees a man entering on the security camera. She quickly slips into the backroom, where she finds a maid's uniform. She returns to the desk as the man calls her over. The man says he is looking for a friend of his, whom he saw coming in here. Eve claims she hasn't seen anyone come in. As she hides the note, she advises him to try next door. The man then asks her out to dinner. She agrees and says her shift ends at 6. Danny says he'll pick her up for sushi at 6 then. He leaves and Eve goes back to the back room.

Wearing a maid's uniform, she tries to enter the palazzo carrying laundry. A guard refers her to the staff entrance round back.

Eve has entered the palazzo. She follows the sound of voices and laughter. She grabs a letter opener and bursts into the dining room. Aaron remembers her. He didn't know the secret service paid that badly. He mocks her letter opener. In her own accent, Villanelle tells Eve it's nice to see her. Aaron is surprised by her accent as well as the fact that they know each other. He thought he smelled a rat but he didn't expect this. Aaron is flattered that MI6 is this terrified. Eve thought Villanelle was in trouble. Villanelle says she is. She tells Eve that Aaron makes movies, though they are not that good. She would like more story besides the murders. While Eve pleads with Villanelle to leave, Aaron asks Villanelle to come work for him to make better movies. He knows she'll get bored with Eve. He will make sure Villanelle will never get bored again. As Villanelle appears to contemplate the offer, Aaron promises to give Villanelle everything. Eve thinks Villanelle has turned on her. Aaron tells Villanelle to start now, pointing at Eve. She grabs the knife. Villanelle asks Eve if she believes she would kill her. Eve says yes. Aaron is intrigued. He really wants to watch. He sighs wistfully as Villanelle gets up from her chair. Instead, Villanelle slits Aaron's throat. She drags him to a mirror and forces him to watch as he bleeds out. She then drops the body. Eve reminds Villanelle that she was not supposed to kill him. Villanelle pretends she said "gentleman" by accident. Villanelle thinks she did them a favor as they would have never gotten away from Aaron. Eve says they are in so much trouble right now. She mentions the armed men outside the hotel. Villanelle knows Eve came to save her, and she did. They leave together.

As they head out, Villanelle asks if she has seen anyone matching Raymond's description. Eve has not. Villanelle informs her who Raymond is. Eve has no idea how they are ever going to get out of this. Villanelle slaps her to stop her from spinning out. Villanelle tells the guard that she is borrowing the maid to help her carry her shopping bags. Also, the guard has to tell Mrs. Leary that Aaron is in a meeting in the dining room and he does not want to be disturbed. As they walk off, Villanelle tells Eve she looks cute in her outfit.

Villanelle drops her wig as she follows Eve, who wants to go back to the hotel to get the recordings, which is all they have now. Villanelle warns her that it is not safe. Eve says this all can't have been for nothing. People died. She left Hugo bleeding to come help Villanelle while she wasn't in any danger. Villanelle says the whole operation doesn't matter anymore but Eve disagrees. Villanelle tells Eve she would be dead in five minutes without her. If Villanelle gets shot, she wants to know it is all Eve's fault. Noticing how determined Eve is, Villanelle agrees to help her. She says she will find them a car and be parked outside the hotel in five minutes. She warns Eve not to be brave. They part ways.

Eve enters the hotel. There is still no one at the reception desk. She makes her way to the third floor. There is no trace of Hugo anymore. She enters the room, which has been scrubbed clean. All of the equipment is gone. There is a knock at the door. Through the peephole, Eve sees Carolyn. She lets her in. Eve says the Twelve took everything. Carolyn says it was their own team. They didn't see the use in sticking around. Officially, Carolyn is not in Rome. Carolyn ignores Eve's question about Hugo and asks about Aaron. Eve tells her what happened. Carolyn checks if Eve killed Aaron. Carolyn says it is all a bit clumsy but at least it's clear-cut. Eve asks about the weapon. Carolyn says Aaron is not the first megalomaniac to think about weaponizing and selling data. Thanks to Eve and Villanelle, he can't do that anymore. Eve figures out that Carolyn was expecting this to happen. Carolyn washes her hands in innocence and says it's not their fault if an assassin for the Twelve murdered Aaron. Eve points out Villanelle was working for them but Carolyn points out that it was all off the books. Eve does not appreciate having been set up. Carolyn says Eve was in charge. It is simply Carolyn's job to get the best out of people and killing is what Villanelle does best. Eve feels like a pawn. What Aaron was selling would have been catastrophic and it was never going to be bloodless. Carolyn thinks Eve will get over it and tells her to come. Eve refuses to leave Villanelle. Carolyn points out Villanelle would never do the same for her. Eve disagrees. Carolyn tells Eve she can't both side with MI6 and Villanelle. Eve has a noose around her neck and Carolyn is offering to take it off. Eve again refuses to go with Carolyn, who is sorry and wishes her good luck. Eve threatens to tell Kenny everything but Carolyn says he already knows, being part of the clean-up operation.

Villanelle is surprised when a car is unlocked right as the touches it. She looks up and sees Konstantin. He came to save her life. There is a gun and money in the dashboard. He tells her to leave Eve behind but Villanelle refuses. Konstantin points out he is risking a lot to save Villanelle from Raymond. Villanelle thinks Raymond doesn't know she is here. Konstantin laughs and says he only hasn't killed her yet because someone asked him not to until after she had killed Aaron. Villanelle is confused as everyone told her not to kill Aaron. She soon figures out they were set up. Konstantin says it was not his idea. He thinks she should have listened. Villanelle thought they were friends. He says they are, but they are not family. Carolyn is giving him back his family. Villanelle is hurt that he chose his family over her. He says that is what families do. She says she wouldn't know as her family is dead. He says some of them are still alive but refuses to elaborate. He asks if she is leaving. She refuses to leave without Eve and she is sure that Eve hasn't left with Carolyn either. Konstantin wonders what it is about Eve that draws Villanelle to her. Villanelle says they are the same. She is sure of her decision. Konstantin walks off. Villanelle tells him she will find him and his family.

Villanelle waits for Eve outside the hotel in her car. As it takes too long, she takes the gun and hides it under her belt before heading into the hotel.

On the third floor, she finds Raymond waiting for her with an axe in his hands. They smile. Villanelle tells him he is the worst. He has been thinking about doing this for a long time. He slowly approaches Villanelle and notices she doesn't appear scared. She asks why the Twelve sent a nobody like him to speak to Aaron. Raymond puts the axe down and says he is not a nobody just because he likes to slum it every once in a while. He rolls up his sleeves and says he is a real somebody. He then brings up Eve, whom he says must be in one of these rooms. If Villanelle guesses correctly which room she is in, she can keep her. A fight ensues. Raymond overpowers her and starts choking her. Eve appears behind him and grabs the axe. "Do it," Villanelle says. Eve tells Raymond to stop. He figures she is too scared to actually use the axe and keeps choking Villanelle. As the life drains from her, Eve plants the axe into Raymond's shoulder. Villanelle can't believe she went for the shoulder. Raymond starts making his way to Eve. Villanelle makes him trip and tells Eve to pull out the axe and hit him in the head. Villanelle holds Raymond while urging Eve to do it. Raymond tells Eve they will take the both of them apart for this. Villanelle tells Eve that Raymond will come after them and kill them if she doesn't do this. Freaking out, Eve hits him in the head twice. Villanelle is amazed at her pulling through. Eve is going to be sick. Villanelle helps her take off the bloodied maid's uniform and holds her as they walk down the stairs. Villanelle smiles as she looks at Raymond's body over her shoulder.

Downstairs, Villanelle sees two men outside on the security camera. She and Eve leave through the backdoor. Eve is numbed. Villanelle grabs her and says they need to hurry. Danny is following them.

Villanelle destroys a padlock and takes Eve into a building.

They make their way to a tunnel. Villanelle says it's a short cut. Eve wonders where they are going. Villanelle asks Eve to trust her. Eve wants to slow down. Villanelle tells her it's okay to feel weird after one's first kill.

Konstantin and Carolyn meet on a street. She hands him an envelope and he walks off without a word.

Eve and Villanelle find the exit but it is sealed off by a wooden structure. Eve completely destroys it, working out her anger. Villanelle is starting to doubt that Eve is okay. They head out of the tunnel.

They walk into the ruins of a Roman palace. Villanelle wants to make dinner tonight. Villanelle thinks they should go to Alaska and get a cabin. They could be normal there. Villanelle has the money to make it happen. Villanelle promises Eve she'll feel better soon. She will look after her. It's going to be amazing. Eve follows Villanelle, who draws her gun upon hearing a noise, which just turns out to be birds. Eve asks her since when she's had the gun and why didn't shoot Raymond with it. Villanelle says Eve had it under control. Eve understands Villanelle wanted her to do it. Villanelle wanted Eve to understand how it feels. Eve says it felt wet. Villanelle tells Eve she's proud of her. They are safe now thanks to her. After today, people will be angry, but they can look after themselves. Eve says she is going home. Villanelle tells her she is ruining the moment. Eve asks her what she thinks is happening. Villanelle tries to caress her face but Eve pushes her hand away. She tells Villanelle they are not Bonnie and Clyde, going on a killing spree. Eve thinks Villanelle wants her to be a scared mess, but she's like Villanelle now, not afraid of anything. Villanelle thinks Eve wanted this, too. She goes to kiss her but Eve pulls away. Eve backs away from her. She denies loving Villanelle. Villanelle says she loves Eve. Eve thinks she does not understand love. Villanelle says she does. She says Eve is hers. Eve continues to back away. Villanelle thought Eve was special. Eve is sorry to disappoint. Eve turns around and walks away. Villanelle shoots her and leaves her to bleed out.



Guest Starring[]

  • Tomi May as Danny
  • Adrian Scarborough as Raymond Algaron
  • Emanuele Romano as Palazzo Guard

Murders and Investigations[]


Notes and Trivia[]

  • Owen McDonnell is credited but he does not appear in the episode. He does, however, appear in a deleted scene that shows him still trapped inside the storage unit.
  • Adrian Scarborough was credited under Starring for his previous appearances but not for this episode.


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